Looking for options for new music system

Please help. Looking for options
Ok starting from scratch. Have $2000.00 budget for a 2 channel system that can handle rock music to jazz. Needs to be able to take on some volume twisting. CD player and turntable a must. Room size is a small open loft (10 x 8), my seating area and desk would only be about 6’ away from speakers but the loft opens up to the rest of the home, Not much room to move speakers away from the wall. All equipment can be new or used, speakers can be tower or Bookshelf with stands. Thank you,
You're going to get a ton of responses that differ as this could really be a preference system. If I was given 2k to build a system, I'd go this route:

Paradigm Studio 20 v.3 = 600
Musical Fidelity x150 integrated = 650
Rotel RCD 1072 = 500
Music Hall MMF 2.1 = 300

I realize I'm 50 bucks over, and I didn't include stands or cables. But, that's where I'd start for sure. With an 8x10 room, the studio 20's will have plenty of bass.. Those prices are based on used equipment in good condition.

I've owned that setup with the exception of the MMF 2.1. I had the MMF 5 but not with this setup.
An excellent set of suggestion by S7horton. You might also want to consider PSB speakers. Excellent value and good bang for the buck. Another possibility is a Rotel amp. I also suggest watching for a small Creek amp if you can find one. Look for a 4000 series amp. About 40 watts, which is less power than the Musical Fidelity but they have good bass response relative to other small amps. A good rockin' little amp. They sell quickly but turn up regularly for about $500 on Audiogon.

There are a number of good used components that would fit into your budget. One solution I consider one of the very best values (my total system is usually in the $10K-$15k range) is the System One 2.1 by Blue Sky. I orignally read about the Blue Sky's here and those members were right on in their recommendations. Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads used it to mix the re-releases of their CD's and ended up buying a set for critical listening at home!

The System One includes fully integrated, powered monitors and a powered Sub, has received well deserved rave reviews (I have a list of reviews I can forward), is a breeze to set up, and has challenged what I think are great components in my main system. I'm amazed at how often I hear new things, or can clearly understand what was garbled or faint before in very familiar, widely ranging recordings: Modeski/Martin/Wood, Nirvana, Beethoven Symphonies, Elliott Smith, etc. Absolutely incredible dynamics and clarity for the price.

They run about $1,800 new, but you should be able to get a significant discount used, leaving about $1,000 for everything else. I ran a CD player straight into the System One (which has volume controls on each speaker) and also used a tubed preamp, both with great results. I think a turntable would be a great match with the higly resolving System One (I've owned the Musical Hall CD 25 with level two type mods from Underwood and thought it was pretty darn good too.)

One caveat: several months ago I listed a System One for sale because I couldn't use it how I originally planned, for three month stays visiting my girlfriend. After listening, I decided to hang on to it until at least the end of the year; since I currently do not have it for sale, it seemed OK to recommend what I think is genuinely a great bargain for a full range system.

Good luck and have fun!


Here's a system that I have and it is outstanding. Two speaker choices.

1. Outlaw Audio RR2150 receiver ($600; has phono stage)
2. Rega Ara speakers ($325 NOS from Arcadia Audio)
or NHT Classic 2 speakers ($450 from J&R Music. Both speakers execl with near rear wall placement.
3. Rega P1 turntable ($350 with cartridge)
4. Music Hall MMF CD25.2 cd player ($540)
5. Signal Cables

Regards, Rich
Another system whose components I have quite a bit of experience with. This goes with tubes big time, though it may bruise your budget by a bit ...

Prima Luna Prologue 1 ($1200 new; Upscale Audio)
Omega Mini-Me Loudspeakers ($390 new; single driver speaker from Omega Loudspeakers)
Cambridge Audio Azur 5409 DVD/DVD-A/CD player ($270 new from Spearit Sound)
Denon DP-300F Turntable ($300 new, built in pre-amp, free shipping from J&R Music).

Regards, Rich