Looking for opinions on the Legacy studio HD

Looking for a quality bookshelf speaker that is easy to drive, these will be used for music only, looking for opinions on the legacy's or alternatives, thanks
I use to own a pair of Legacy Studio speakers (about 8 years ago and purchased them about four years before that). Although they sounded pretty good I did find out at a later date that for the same dollar value there were studio speakers that sounded better, and were easy to drive also. I have not heard what the current Legacy Studio's sound like so there could be improvement.
I still love those Green Mountain Callisto monitors and would try to hear some if you get the chance.
You should hear the Selah Audio Grandeurs monitors?
They use a Scanspeak mid and the Raal ribbon tweeter.
One of the best sounding monitors i'v heard.
Do a search of Selah Audio Grandeurs