Looking for opinions on Chord SPM 1200C

I'd like to hear from people who have opinions about Chord's SPM1200c amplifier.
I had a 1200E for approximately 12-14 months. The sound was effortless without a hint of grain. Excellent ability to retreive the details, soundstage is realistic with front to rear layering. I found the Chord amps work best with Chord preamps. I'm currently using the SPM6000 mono's with the CPA4000 and quite pleased.
very nice amp.However,try to compare with Chapter Audio couplet.You will be pleasently surprised.
Talk2me: are you a Chapter Audio dealer? If so, please clarify because you praise very highly their gear.
Frankpiet-No,I am not a Chapter Audio dealer(I wish I were in the audio field)I am an auto service writer.I praise Chapter Audio gear because it is so damn good(great).Chapter has changed me from a all tube gearhead to their glorious sound.I truely believe they will be mentioned as one of the best(if not the best).Yes their new gear is that good.And their principles came from Chord.That is why I chimed in at first.
I know their story. I´ve tried to introduce their german distributor to one of the major dealers in Germany - until now no success - hope that´s not related to their gear?
No,it is usually related to hi-fi politics.The Chapter gear is state of the art.