Looking for opinions on ATC Active 10's or 20's...

I auditioned the active 10's the other day at a local shop and was pretty impressed with them. They came across as very neutral and pack a lot of sound into a small package. I was looking for some input from someone else who has heard the active 10's or 20's and perhaps has been living with them for a while. I'd like to know if they are at all fatiguing and how sensitive they are to the listening environment. I'd also like to know if anyone has owned them and sold them, and if so, why.

Thanks in advance
I bought the ATC SCM 7s for my home theater from a dealer who had both the 10's and 20's. I became pretty good friends with them so I bring music over a lot to listen to both of them. Originally they only had the 10's. I was not that impressed. After listening to the 20's I would be convinced to buy if that was the type of speaker I was looking for. Not sure about the fatique factor though.

ATC's are very neutral. Just for fun we hooked up the little SCM 7s to the best YBA amp and that was even impressive.

If you can, definitely listen to the 20's!
I have a friend who is an ATC dealer and I am only familiar with the bigger ones (that cost $15000) but they are amazing, unbelievable really - you should make an effort to listen.
as an owner of active 50's, and having also heard 10's, 20's, and 7's, i firmly believe ATC to be the finest multi-driver speakers made. the midrange driver is considered by many to be the finest in the world, and any fatigue that you encouter whilst listening would likely be the fault of the source rather than the speakers.
Thanks for the feedback people.

Do you feel that the Active 20 is a significant step up from the Active 10?
yes, i do! the 10's are great speakers, but the 20's are much better. more bass and more 'oomph', if you will. you will never regret the purchase of a pair of active ATC's. have you seen the list of people who only use atc speakers? check out their website, the list reads like a 'who's who' of the music world. it includes sony who uses them instead of sony-made speakers in their demo rooms for SACD and in their dvd mastering labs, as does pioneer.
I have heard the tens and I think they sounded pretty damn crappy myself. The twenties are very nice though.
10's and 20's sound similar but 20's have more detail since bigger drivers and more power mean they pull out details easier. I heard a nasty upper mid peak on the 20's which may be at the crossover which turned me off.
Great speaskers but $5,000 for a 2 way even active is pretty steep. . . . . for my budget.