Looking for opinions on ADCOM GFP-715 preamp

Hey guys, I've been looking around for a cheap quality amp that has low THD, high signal to noise ratio, flat response, tone controls and a volume remote control. This adcom seems to fit the bill in every respect. Before I go ahead with the purchase I'd love to some of your opinions.

Gracias amigos.
I had an Adcom GFP 555II years ago and had been very pleased with the performance. I had an Adcom Dolby surround processor and amp that needed work. Sent it to Adcom and they fixed it for free. This was after it hadn't even been made anymore and the warranty was over, besides I was at least the second owner.

If they are still upto those standards I'd buy one if I were you. I would however be more inclined to go with a used Rotel preamp. Either should be available on Ebay regularly.
I'd recommend the GFP-565 over the 715. It pre-dates the 715, but is nice for the money. You can run it active or passive, and it has a nice phono stage.