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Hi. This is my time writing in a forum. I am trying to decide between Arcam Solo Music vs. Simaudio ACE to function as a separate music system in my study connecting via computer. I have Arcam 850 running home theater. Though I like the Arcam sound a lot, I am looking for a "something more" that I have a difficult time describing. I am not interested in network or streaming which is why I am  looking at a separate product for my study which is a much smaller space. I am also wanting to get a one piece system. I have the speakers. Both have appealing features to me: Arcam for it's sound; connectivity options with Simaudio (e.g. USB direct computer imput). Also, Simaudio DDAC handles DSD. I have never heard Simaudio and access to audition is limited as I live 4 hours from the nearest dealer. 

I am curious to read opinions from those who have had experience with both products. Thanks.

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The Moon ACE is rated very highly by everyone who's reviewed it.  Check out What Hi FI?  Digital Audio Review and Soundstage to name a few.  It's an amazing piece of engineering and solidly built.