Looking for opinions.

Hi. This is my time writing in a forum. I am trying to decide between Arcam Solo Music vs. Simaudio ACE to function as a separate music system in my study connecting via computer. I have Arcam 850 running home theater. Though I like the Arcam sound a lot, I am looking for a "something more" that I have a difficult time describing. I am not interested in network or streaming which is why I am  looking at a separate product for my study which is a much smaller space. I am also wanting to get a one piece system. I have the speakers. Both have appealing features to me: Arcam for it's sound; connectivity options with Simaudio (e.g. USB direct computer imput). Also, Simaudio DDAC handles DSD. I have never heard Simaudio and access to audition is limited as I live 4 hours from the nearest dealer. 

I am curious to read opinions from those who have had experience with both products. Thanks.

The Moon ACE is rated very highly by everyone who's reviewed it.  Check out What Hi FI?  Digital Audio Review and Soundstage to name a few.  It's an amazing piece of engineering and solidly built. 

I have not auditioned either of your listed current model choices
E.g https://www.whathifi.com/arcam/solo-music/review

but I do run the predecessor ARCAM unibox model -- the ARCAM SOLO NEO -- as my "B" system rig.


-- The ARCAM’s sonic performance easily bested my all-NAD separates prior "B" system ...full stop. Add to it the "unibox" convenience factor, and it was an easy upgrade path.

-- System synergy matters big time as we all know. The SOLO seemed to favour British speaker brands.

-- I had both the TOTEM ARROs and FORESTs simultaneously so I know the TOTEM sonic signature very well, and thus very familiar with their strengths, their warts and their limitations as a potential partner.

-- I auditioned many speaker brand contenders and pretenders for the SOLO, and curiously, I found that most Brit offerings rose to the top of the list. I eventually selected TANNOY standmounts as the ARCAM preferred stablemates in MY listening environment.

-- if you are married to the SIMAUDIO and/or TOTEM sonic signatures respectively, then the SIMAUDIO electronics with TOTEM speakers (or some similar leaning alternative) would be my suggested choice ..... and vice-versa,

-- ARCAM makes a great unibox system at its pricepoint (emphasis added) , but with a lot of new competition to consider first. I would definitely expand my search to include -- and audition-- a NAIM UNITI 2 or UNITIQute 2 before pulling the trigger

The NAIMs will command more money for sure, but since everything performs according to the pricepoint to which it is built, these NAIM uniboxes will take it to another higher step up in audio performance capabilities .