looking for opinions

I am considering pulling the trigger on my first experience with separates versus AV recievers. i have auditioned quicksilver, Rogue concerning Tubes and Krell, Pass for SS. I am considering the Pass xp-10 and XA-30 to drive my AudioPhysics Caldera II. I can get a 10 day return policy with RenoHiFI so that seems to be a good way to make sure i am happy with the matchup. Deal is very fair for a new 30.8 and used xp 10. I have not heard the matchup with these speakers but during some discussions with Nelson Pass he felt the 30.8 would do fine based on my listening area. It is a relatively small room with great wall treatment. Any thoughts on this particular matchup. the Caldera is listed at a 91 sensitivity so its obviously not as efficient as my previous Khorns and the overwhelming advice earlier on Agon was i needed to get better amplification.
I'm sure you'll have a very good pair with the Pass. However, the one thing I imagine you'll want to experiment with at some point is whether you'll prefer a tube preamplifier paired with the solid state amp. There is something that a good tubed preamp brings to the party I've seldom heard from solid state.
I agree with the previous comments. I paired my solid state CODA (the other half of Threshold) amplifier with the Level 3 tubed preamplifier from Audio Note. Built professionally by Pete Fulton, it brings magic to the entire listening experience. The combination of solid state and tubes is a worthwhile consideration. Here's the website link in case you're interested http://www.ankaudiokits.com/
From a cursory perspective It looks like it should be a very good match. Reno Hi-Fi is good to deal with and given his return policy there is little risk to you other than shipping costs should you decide to return the components.
I like it!
Or you could simply buy a hybrid amp tubes + SS like the Rogue Medusa or the Rogue Sphynx integrated. Then you get the best of both worlds in one box. If your dealer is a Rogue dealer maybe he could get one for you to try out.

I have the Medusa in my system and I like it a lot.