Looking for new TV under $2K

I'm hoping I can get a little help here. I have started
looking around for a new TV. I was looking at something
in the 40-46" range with a max budget of $2k. I was planning
on going with a projection unit from either Sony or Mistubishi
but I'm so bewildered with the choices out there that its
a bit confusing. Does anyone have a strong recommendation in this size and price range? I am very open to suggestions.


Anyone know of a good site for TV reviews?
avsforum.com is a good place to ask this question...most members here are more audio oriented
CRT is still the best picture and the 40" Sony KV-40xbr800 is about $2K. There is NO projection TV on the market that can beat this set in PQ and correct blacks. You have to spend double to get a projection set that even compares like the Samsung DLPs and they still don't get it quite as right.

I second "Lincoln30's" opinion. If you want the best picture that you can afford, CRT is still the way to go. If you want something that is about 40" or bigger, Sony is about your one and only option here. The thing is, that if you decide to go with a CRT set, 40" is about as big a set as you will find. Anything bigger than that, then you will have to start looking at a projection set. And in terms of picture quality and a set's ability to hold a true black in relation to price, a CRT set is STILL the best deal in town. Plasmas come awfully close, but at prices starting at $4K+, plasmas are a little too rich for my blood, and they aren't coming down in price any time soon.

I agree with Chaskelljr2001 about the CRT. Sony TV's have great pictures, and I own two, but I have had miserable luck with the sound crapping out on two out of four Sony TV's I have owned, including my top-of-the-line 32" XBR circa 1999. For this reason, I'll be looking to other brands when it comes time to buy another TV. Panasonic and Toshiba would be high on my list if I were in the market today.
Why get a 4:3 screen these days with HDTV? I would never buy the 40" Sony
The replacement for the Sony xbr910 should be out next month.--The 910 is the best crt set on the market. The new one is supposed to be much better; at the same price of 2200.
While being a touch smaller than the 40 incher; once you see the pq; anything else; is a whole lot less. A videophile's dream----compaired to these plasma/lcd/dlp black level/shadow detail, challeged sets that are all the rage.
Thanks for all your responses. I really appreciate the
help.Ellery911 I have already registered at avsforum.
Great site by the way. I'm still doing my research
but have been favorably impressed with the Sony
46" projection TV. It seem's to offer a lot of bang
for the buck but I will look at the Sony CRT as well.

Thanks again

I just bought a Mits 65413 for $1,800. For the money, VERY hard to beat.
I second Avguygeorge. New Sony CRT is a killer. Good source, good cables and you are in videophiles heaven.