Looking for new to me Jazz music

Hi all,

With being home more now than ever, I want to expand my Jazz music library.  I really like Diana Krall, Brubeck, Miles Davis and Bird. I like the sounds from the trio’s, quartet’s and quintets, where you can Easily hear every note.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Charles Lloyd - Fish Out of Water, The Water is Wide
Charles can get out there, but these albums are pretty restrained, too restrained for some people

Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue
A classic Blue Note album

Joshua Redman - Wish
Pat Metheny on guitar for this album

Steve Cardenas - Blue Has A Range
New guitar-led album, fits in with what you’re looking for

Mark Isham - Blue Sun
Played with Van Morrison in the 80s (trumpet), does a lot of movie soundtracks. This album is very ethereal and relaxing.

You can find them all on Qobuz.
Thanks tomcy6,

 I just listened to Kenny Burrell , Midnight Blue and I enjoyed it.
looking forward to hearing the rest when time permits.

Hey frogman,

Thanks for the link. It should keep me smiling for months !

 "I just listened to Kenny Burrell , Midnight Blue and I enjoyed it."

If you liked Kenny Burell, just Wiki him and see who he has played with and explore. 

Endless discovery. Classical, Jazz, Rock and all their sub categories are best going backwards-IMHO

Thanks tablejockey,

It’s so easy to get lost  following the trail, but it’s so much fun!

Brad Mehldau's trios, Julian Lage, Vijay Iyer, Craig Taborn, any Monk, Joe Pass, Bill Evans, Bill Charlap, Anat Cohen, John Scofield, Bill Stewart, ...and more, much more.
Oscar Peterson - We Get Requests

Hi Morningstar,

I just got Lester Young with the Oscar Peterson Trio today and am enjoying it as we speak.  I’ll check We Get Requests.


For Oscar Peterson, check also  the Jerome Kern song book, the Gershwin Songbook, the Cole Porter songbook.... Among his best....
Hi wolf,

 I have a Monk and a Pass CD somewhere (forget the titles).   Still unpacking from last fall’s move.  Any Titles you’d recommend for the people you listed?



If you like guitar the Joe Pass 4 cd "virtuoso" are the deal.... Musical and virtuoso at the same times but with a spontaneous gesture that is rare gift except for example in the best flamenco guitarist or the jazz one....

I love all Bill Evans but the consecration series is special....

Buy at least one Chet Baker album : " Chet".... and Enjoy.... :)
Hi mahgister,

I’ve heard the Jerome Kern songbook and as I remember it was great.  I’m sure I’ll like the Cole Porter and Gershwin songbook albums.



excellent examples as above. IMO, 1959, is the greatest year in Jazz history. Start here on your journey.

Happy Listening!

Mahgister...the recent trios from Julian Lage are astonishing (I mixed a show of his a few years ago...man...) Vijay Iyer’s "Break Stuff," Taborn’s "Chants," Mehldau’s trios are great...get ’em, get ’em all! Bill Charlap’s trios are also cool and tasty including a fave of Leonard Bernstein stuff called "Somewhere."
Thanks wolf_garcia...

I will look for what i dont know : Julian Lage... And Bill Charlap....

To thank you better i will  recommend guitarist Sylvain Luc the album "Standards"... One of my best hits and easy listening...
I just listen to Bill Charlap on youtube and i will look for ALL his cd....Very great jazz pianist... Piano Jazz is indeed a difficult field ... It is easy for him.... Wow Thanks....

You made my day, and my week, probably my month, if not my year.... I love pianists jazz or classical but i am a bit too much asking, i ask lyrical more than virtuosity, and i want colors shades.... Few pianist gives the 3 at the same time.... It seems Bill Charlap is in this rare bunch.... Thanks....


I'll check out the Lester Young with Oscar today. Thanks for the recommendation.

Just listening youtube all day Bill Charlap...One of the finest pianist i ever heard in Jazz... Unknown to me... Finally i listen to some files with Scott Hamilton and him ....

That will make my year.... I must just look for all the others albums ....


Thanks wolf_garcia.... What a beautiful day....

Truly great pianist of jazz are rarer bird than most think.....For me tough....

Virtuosity is the least important quality, but for sure necessary....
Melodic sense an absolute must....(if not the pianist develop mannerism and virtuoso ready made formula)
Mastering colors and shades and hues like playing Scriabin mandatory....
And then the pianist must have the spontaneous rythmical and timing qualities necessary to play with anyone even with only himself... :)

Bill Charlap has all that....


I go on today like yesterday with Bill Charlap....

I like piano so much.... in jazz many plays acrobatics instead of controlled tender touch, they dont paint ,they hammer some set of nails...

You have made my year truly.... I wish you the best.... How in the world is it possible that this truly musical pianist is not so more much known?

Much of all others are on his shade side, except Bill Evans and a few others....

He is a  always a poet....


I just discover also that his wife Renee Rosnes is a wonderful jazz pianist to my liking also....

Thanks to the second power....

The Bill Charlap trio opened for Steely Dan once at the Beacon Theater. 
A great artist....None of what i listen to for now is short of being at least very good....
Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who gave me leads on “New to me” jazz.

 I am happily listening to Chet Baker, Chet.

For something 'completely different' you might try Claude Bolling jazz. Very different big band from France. He;s played with some of the greatest and I like his arrangements. As I say, just for something different :)
mahgister, I agree re Charlap; great recommendation from Wolf.  Another great young(ish) piano player on the same level as Charlap, but different/brainier is Fred Hersch.  Highly recommended:


An older Jazz piano master and probably my favorite living pianist is Kenny Barron.  Be sure to also check out his work with Stan Getz:


For something a little more “classic” try Hank Jones.  Beautiful and very suave player:


Thanks very much frogman....

I will look for all....

In the meantime try Eddie higgins trio.... On par with Charlap...

But surprizingly the wife of Charlap, Renee Rosnes seems to be the unkwnown genius....
eddie henderson - just terrific

newest album called shuffle and deal

lovely straight ahead jazz with eddie on lead trumpet -- beautifully recorded too

Was Eddie Henderson with a small group called Cookers or something like that?  I seem to remember putting that name on a list for me to check out.

Yes he was.  They put out albums in 2012, 2014, and 2016 as a septet.  
now all I have to do is find that darn list!

Try Eddie”Lockjaw”Davis,Love Calls. 
Thanks frogman for the suggestions.
Fred Hersch is great!
Kenny Barron is great!
But Hank Jones really makes me smile:)

I’m going to spend much of next week listening.


Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis is Saxy!  Not sure I’ve ever heard him before, but I will be listening to more!

I have several Claude Bolling albums and they are all fun to listen to.

I’ll check out Jazz.


frogman you score again.

I just put September 3rd on my calendar.


Johnny Hodges can swing, give his two outings with Duke Ellington a listen,
Side by Side and Back to Back.

Blue Mitchell is a soulful jazz trumpeter,  give him a listen. Buy Blue Mitchell 
1958-1963 a four disc set. Not a bad album in this set.
A lot of great music being recommended! 
New Bill Frisell album...great music and killer sound.
Hey wolf,

What’s the name of the album?

Some really good Japanese jazz trios:
Yuko Mabuchi Trio - 45lp is gorgeous
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio - same
and, of course, Chick Corea Akoustic Band Live! lp is fantastic.
Thanks for this japan jazz trios recommendation...

My best to you....
billy childs new album called ACCEPTANCE


very well recorded too

cut 5 'it never entered my mind' is spectacular... the double bass and piano is in your space, playing just for you...  :)

I’ll check out Billy Childs.

Thanks for the suggestions!


I’m always glad to listen to something new.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Listening to Uptown Downtown (Bill Charlap Trio).

Thanks again for all the suggestions!

Bill Charlap is good.... But try his wife.... She is amazing also and different....

Renee Rosnes.... And she is not well known..... :)