Looking for new streaming service. Some unusual requirements.

I’ve dropped my Amazon Music Unlimited HD account and looking to replace it.
Qobuz and Tidal are the two prime contenders.

One thing I liked about Amazon Music is that in your settings you had the option to stream low res music if you wanted to. I spend most of my weekends at my cabin in the country. No internet and wireless signal is often less than optimal. Amazon Music allows you to select their lowest res option which they call ’standard’ for just this sort of situation. When HD was not streaming well due to the cell service I could switch to ’standard’ res and it would work just fine. Same thing goes on long trips through areas were service is spotty (and HD is hardly necessary in a car or truck anyway).

Does anyone know if Qobuz and Tidal have such an option?
Both Qobuz and Tidal have this option.

Tidal might be your best option as while MQA has a lot of flaws, it’s really meant for a limited-bandwidth situation like yours. So if you are able to stream at CD-quality and have an MQA DAC or Roon you can listen at, theoretically, a higher-than-CD-quality level.
I’m trying out Qobuz right now. Looks and sounds good. I have not spent much time messing around with it yet and one thing I don’t see is recommendations based on my listening history. Does it do that? Am I overlooking it? Thanks.

If it does not have this feature, the way Amazon does....although it wasn’t great on Amazon...I’ll try Tidal....assuming it has that feature.