Looking for new speakers

My system consists of 2 MC75 MONO amps and 1 Quicksilver preamp. I recently sold a pair of Magnepan MG-IIIA's.  In my research the Goldenear Triton 2+ and Triton 3+ are very interesting to me. The 3+ are more affordable to me. Anything else I should be looking at?

I listened extensively to the big Triton 1s at a friend’s house over a long weekend visit as he was considering making a change because he felt that after owning them for a couple of years, "they aren’t a musical as I want." That same weekend he also in-home demo’d a pair of Vandersteen Quattros and we changed them out a few times listening to each model. The Golden Ears had a very good bass and high extension and imaging but they seemed, to me at least, to be missing something dynamically in the mid bass region, which is where much propulsive energy in music is. Suffice it to say, he traded them for a new pair of Quattros and has been happy ever since. They certainly have the dynamics in that critical region when the music called for it. So, Vandersteen would be another brand you might consider.
+1 Stevecham.
I recently listened to the Triton 1's, and they do sound nice, very nice, but my Vandy's seem to be more real, in my opinion. There's nothing like time and phase aligned speakers with pistonic drivers.
I'm with Bob on this.  Of course I am, since he owns my beloved Treo's!!!!!!  :). Bob, I told you how great those things sound compared to what else is in that price range.  Lot's of good choices out there, but I now listen to music all day and night.
What would you be looking to improve upon over the Maggies, and what aspects of speaker performance are most important to you?
Since you are looking at speakers that cost in the 2500 range (the Triton 3+), you should probably put down the best selling speaker in all of audio, the Vandersteen 2's (latest version is very special).  Set up with the gear you have, you will have a very neutral sounding speaker, that can throw a large 3D presentation.  

What music do you like and how loud?  Room size?  Those are also important to know. P
The Maggie's I heard at axpona got my vote for best sound at the show. I threw as much money as I could at my speaker purchase and it's unbelievable how much time it took to get the placement just right.  Seriously, if you have a fixed place you have to park them it's like throwing darts picking what will sound better than another.
As a previous Maggie 3.5R owner, I find my Emerald Physic KCIIs to equal and better them in bass. And at 94 dB they're a very easy load. They play big as did my 3.5Rs, but at <4ft tall, they are not room dividers and they look more like art. instead of doors

EP is running a special right now for $1500
Please keep your responses coming, I'm adding all of them to my research. All of your information is helping me. 

Have you heard Dali speakers?
My next speakers...
You can sort of get the idea of their clear mid due to wooden woofer and transparent highs on youtube...

Search for Dali speakers sound test.
I have just moved into my new space. The living room/listening room dimensions are 30' long by 14' wide with 9' ceilings.  After reading your suggestions and doing some research, with a $3000 a pair budget plus or minus a little. I need bass nothing thundering just clear represtation of the recording, mids and highs are probably more important to me. These are the speakers I'm looking at:

Goldenear Triton 3+
Vandersteen 2ce signature II
Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L
SVS Ultra Towers

If you have anymore suggestions about this list please let me know. 


A used pair of Treo would be lovely
i have a set in a 15’ x 33’ x 9’ room and they are lovely

a different path with a lot of upgrade potential would be the VLR Signature which has the carbon tweeter on a Sound Anchor ( or similar robust inert ) stand and then add a sub 3 with 11 band analog bass EQ

have fun !

enjoy the music and the search !!!
Just watch YT video about the Emerald Physics KC IIs. I highly recommend you watch ASAP, and you might get the christmas special pricing
What are your thoughts on the SVS ULTRA TOWERS?
@tomic601 ,
+1 again.
If you could stretch your budget and wait for a used pair, the Treo's would be the best investment. Pair them with the Vandy subs and you can't go wrong-IMHO.
I heard Vandy's back in the '80's and never forgot how good they sounded. After almost 40 years, I finally had enough money to start playing again. I bought the 3a sigs and the 2w subs, but moved to the Treo's and 2wq subs-Much better, more refined. My next move will be the Sub 3's- after I sell my old 2w's and 2wq's.
If I do that, I will be at Quatro level.
Do you need the subs? Probably not, but they do flesh out the lower frequencies that the smaller Treo cabinet can't offer, like the Quatro.
If you happen to live within driving distance to Cleveland, these Silverline Sonatas are fantastic speakers and an absolute steal at $1000...


Best of luck. 
There is a pair of Emerald Physics KCII's new listed for sale on AudiogoN for $1499.  I'm very tempted. Any suggestions?
The stock KCIIs do not have wireworld internal XO wiring, not do they have upgraded Clarity Caps. Mine do, and I was told by the person who installed the upgrades as new was blown away by how much better mine sound over stock

I have been promised new speakers for months. They may be shipped in the next couple days. IF they actually arrive, mine will be available. They are listed on AA and USAudiomart
I sold Bob his Treo's and I'm so glad he loves them like I did.  If you can get used Treo's, that would be a HUGE upgrade.  I had some 20k plus amps in my room when I owned them from all different manufacturers. 

They just scaled and scaled. They also sounded fun with my NAD integrated amp that I paid 320 B stock, lol.  You have a manageable list of speakers to go audition though. I wouldn't add any more until you listen to all of those.  That's the problem with audio.  Too often we just keep adding choices, instead of eliminating things and going from there.  

Have fun and don't do paralysis by analysis.
One problem I'm having is the ability to audition some of the speakers I've mentioned in the list. There are no dealers near me that carry Vandersteen or Emerald Physics. I'm really interested in the Emerald Physics. Does anyone have recommendations for me.

Not many dealers, but if you can contact your local audio community someone will likely show them off for you

Im in F Lauderdale
I've made my decision, just ordered a pair of Emerald Physics KCII PROS.