looking for new speakers $2 to $3K

Can anyone recommend a pair of speakers in this price range. Transparency, detail and sound stage are the most important things to me. I have a Valve Audio exclaime 100 to drive them and audioquest cables. I have a pair of VMPS RM-1's but they got damaged, so I am thinking of upgrading. Considering the RM 2's, also have read about Innersound Eros 3.5's ( Had a pair of maggies a long time ago ). Also looking at Van Schweikert 2's. My room is small and well damped, about 10 by 14'. Speakers can sit up to 2' from back wall, and about 10' from me. Please help!
I have a pair of Usher 6311s in black, excellent cond. Box/Manual

Ft Lauderdale- $1100
While I am sure that there are a lot of speakers out there, but I am very happy with my Anthony Gallo 3.1's.

You can contact me if you would like if you have questions regarding them.
Vandersteen 2Ce sig ll would be a great choice, the openness of Maggies without the high power demands. Read the reviews they may be the best deal in this price range, they also fill you wish list; transparent,detailed and great soundstage.
if transparancy is the order of the day, bc acoustiques A1's (2.5k)are pretty good at a disappearing act.
I think I have narrowed it down to two with a possible third for price.
Acoustic Zen Adagio
possible Monitor Audio GS60 ( I may be able to get these for under $1 shipped )
Any thoughts?
For the money the Salk Songtowers are a very good choice.
Nice job Tweak1.

You saved $6 by posting your ad here.

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Take a look at the SP Technology Timepiece Mini.
I'd definitely consider Merlin TSMs, if I were you.
If your priorities are soundstage, detail, and trasparency, Audio Physic may be right up your alley. Dealers are pretty tought to find (e-mail their distributer), and reviews are even harder to find.

I'm always reticent to make suggestions, but I have paid some attention to speakers in your price range (it was mine too). Given your desire for "Transparency, detail and sound stage," I'd suggest you consider the Dali Helicon 400. They sell for about $2,500 used and I think their strengths align well with what you're after.

I'm driving a pair with a KT-88 based amp; they have a kind impedance curve, so they're easy to drive.

Good luck.
Save a little and consider the Eminent Technologies 8B speakers. I have heard the Gallos, had Von 4jrs. I enjoy this speaker much more. They aren't as pretty to look at as the others though. Very transparent and great soundstage.
I second the Proac Studio 140s, they have incredible imaging, detail and transparency of the best monitors with real world bass down to 25hz.
Thanks everyone, I auditioned several speakers and found the Gallo's used for $2200. I bought them. Only problem is my Valve Audio exclaime 100 is somewhat underpowered for them.
I like the paradigm signature s2 properly setup with a sub. ($3k for the s2 and the signature sub). If you have a good sub already, Id look at the s4's. Ive purchased some seriously high dollar speakers and these out performed them all to me. If you like a warm sound,or rolled off hi's, maybe look elsewhere though. I do think they need good components to make them shine to there potential.