looking for new speakers????

which speakers are better sonus faber concertos or thiel cs 1.6???????????
i am thinking about changing from sf to thiel, would some one recomend this? i have only audition the 1.6 in a store and not in my listening room, and i really liked the way they sounded, no bass but i have the strata for that.

my current setup is:
-rega planet 2000 cd player
-classe cap-101 integrated
-sonus faber concertos with sf stands.
-rel strata III
-audioquest viper rca
-audioquest slate cable.

thanks in advance for your comments
More of a lateral move than an upgrade in my opinion ... what are you looking for that the Concertos do not do???
I agree, in fact I think the concertos will be quite a bit better than the Theils.
You might try contacting member Drubin - I believe he was running some sort of SF's (I hope I'm right about that, but I can't remember which model, or whether they were his current speakers or past ones), and borrowed the 1.6's for an extended in-home audition with generally favorable results (that part I'm sure about). Otherwise, I too was very pleased with what I heard from these speakers in the local shop, feeling they were better in some ways than my larger but older Thiel 2.2's, but can't comment on the Concerto comparision.