looking for new speaker suggestions and advice

hi there,
i'm looking to upgrade my speakers. one of the restrictions that will influence the decisions is the shape of our listening room. It is a LR (about 13x14 feet) which opens to a main hallway (opening about 4-5 feet) on the south wall and also to a Dining Room (13x15 feet) through a partial wall (opening about 8 feet) on the east wall. The west wall has two large windows so I have had my speakers along the north wall facing the south/hallway opening. My listening chair is set up just in front of the opening to the hallway. Far from ideal in terms of reflections, I am sure. Anyway, I've got a rega/benz TT, meridian cdp, levinson amp and preamp, cardas gref throughout. I have been thinking about the following speaker choices but am very open to hear other suggestions from more experienced ears than my own - i'm new to this!
sonus faber amati
kharma 3.2
proac 3.8
wilson sophia

I listen to a wide variety of music - jazz, classical, pop, folk, electronic

Any advice?
If you can get something that won't disturb your view out the windows (low and boxey or satellites + sub) then I'd place the speakers about 7 feet apart 4 feet off the West wall with your listening position close to the connection to the dining room. The dining room and its furniture would probably make a nice diffusive area behind your head. This way you also limit reflections from those windows. You can always pull up a chair in that position if your wife won't have the funiture permanently that way.
Why not also consider a time and phase accurate speaker from Vandersteen or Thiel? Especially with the ML setup these would be excellent options.
Do yourself a huge favor and audition the Wilson Benesch ACT as well. They mate very well with Mark Levinson amps.