Looking for NEW amp...would a Bryston 3Bsst output more power than a Krell 400xi amp?

I have a pair of Martin Logan Advange speakers and I am looking for something that will offer plenty of power! The krell 400xi is rated at 200 watts and the Bryston 3bsst is rated at 150 watts, but has a dual channel design. That being said, would the Bryston amp offer more current and power to the logans?

PS. Is there a huge difference in sound between the Bryston 3Bsst and 4Bsst?

thank you, any info is greatly appreciated.


Krell...this thread is from 2016 :()
yes,but people in many cases searching some info abaut these or similar amps:) I would recommend check out  krell kav500i or s550i power horses for affordable used prices.Very rare to find.But they can drive big speakers ,difficult loads and control them without clipping
Power is not the issue with ESl's so much as impedance.

Look at the frequency response with a simulated speaker load. The Bryston here is the clear winner.

Not sure about pricing but you should consider the Sander's Magtech amps as well.