Looking for NEW amp...would a Bryston 3Bsst output more power than a Krell 400xi amp?

I have a pair of Martin Logan Advange speakers and I am looking for something that will offer plenty of power! The krell 400xi is rated at 200 watts and the Bryston 3bsst is rated at 150 watts, but has a dual channel design. That being said, would the Bryston amp offer more current and power to the logans?

PS. Is there a huge difference in sound between the Bryston 3Bsst and 4Bsst?

thank you, any info is greatly appreciated.


FYI: Bryston has an all-new lineup of amps (see current TAS magazine).
PS. Is there a huge difference in sound between the Bryston 3Bsst and 4Bsst?
I believe the 4Bsst would have double the power of the 3Bsst (150 vs 300W). You will notice a hair more ’control’ in the music with the 4Bsst. But nothing earth shattering. But when pushed to the max the 4Bsst will be better. Again not earth shattering IMO - just a bit louder.

Best would be to demo them yourself.
May I suggest the Spectron musician III mk 2.... Top of the line class D... Oodles of power...I replaced my Cary v12 R with one...couldn't be happier.
I've owned a 3B-ST, a 4B-ST and a 4B-SST at one time or another.  I believe the 3B-SST is actually rated at 200/ch. Also have owned a BP25A pre, BP26 pre and a BCD1.  At one time or another I have wished I had each them back. Currently using the BP26 and 4B-SST.  Love them.  Warranty and service are awesome.
Don't rule out the awesome Krell Vanguard.  It's the best sounding integrated Krell has made.  200 Wpch 8 ohms also...
The Krell Vanguard does everything better than even my former Evo 402 amp with 202 preamp.  It plays like separates but goes even further toward musical realism.  An amazing amp for those who love music over flash.
Unless Krell has moved production back into the USA, I would go w/ Bryston.
All Krell is made in Connecticut now.

I know some of the previous models were made, in part, in china.
The S-300i, S-550i, and S-350a/S-350av were built there, but are all discontinued now.  Krell is designed and built in the USA.  The aforementioned integrated amps and disc players sounded excellent just as Krell products do, despite them not being built here.  However, the current Vanguard integrated and Cipher disc player are even better sounding, albeit at additional cost. 
I am certainly interested again, in Krell, now that I learned the products
are built back "home".
All Krell is built in the USA now.

TY- herndonb