Looking for my Final Pair!!

Been through the high end maelstrom for over 30 years and although I have enjoyed the ride, I desperately want to find speakers that exude dynamics, tone and presence.  I want to be transported to the Village Vanguard where The John Coltrane Quartet are performing any night I desire.  I want to feel the timbre of his sax 🎷. When I close my eyes I want to be enveloped by the atmosphere of the space and awash with the impact and emotion being expressed by the musicians.  I don’t want to hear what the engineers hear after they mix a recording...I want to be in the studio when the tracks are being laid down!  So far, Tannoy Heritage Arden have come to my attention, Klipsch Cornwall IV’s, JBL S4700’s or perhaps Spatial Audio X3’s?  Help
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Yes...me likey my system full range!
Dear @dave_b  : It is weird that over my posts in your thread you never mentioned that when I posted again and again about.

In your vitual systemI can't see any  external electronic Xover that normally is the best way to integrate subs to the main speakers because that Xover gaves us several advantage. One is that the low-pass filter is totally independent of the high-pass filter, each filter comes with individual  crossover grequency range and even those filters can comes with different Xover filter shapes: first order, second order, third order, etc and obviously comes with individual to each filter an attenuator/volume.

Now and due that you said you already tested what I said in those latest statements  andyou  prefer full range main speakers.

That means that the independent high-pass filter and low-pass filter comes in the S2 and it's the way you tested?

Thank's. and sorry to disturb/ask again.

What comes after "beating a dead horse?" I guess we'll have to wait and see...
Dea @dave_b  :Ok, even that's not tghe best the way to do it I can't argue about because that's what you like it. Good.