looking for musical Tube Integrated Amplifier


I would like to get some opnions on tube amplifiers (Integrated) which i can keep for long time.

Background -

pre + power - I was using Odyssey Stratos (Extreme) and Odyssey Tempest (for last 10+ years).

speakers -Usher CP-6381 speakers (for last 10+ years)

source - Sony 5400 CD/SACD player (may add TT + Music server + Dac in a year).

Listening Room - 25 X 20 X 9 living room open to Kitchen.

Budget for new amp - 4K

Not sure I can audition lots of these tube integrated here in minneapolis.

I normally listen to very low volume mostly Vocals,acoustic guitar, would be interested in tube amplifier which is more muscial than detail (if someone recommends best of both world that will be great)

Heard really good things about Frankestein 300B Monoblocks but they are out of my price range #6K + pre amp that will close to $7K, The next best thing I can think about it Decware Tori which will around $4K, at the same time after looking at the other posts on the forum came across other few tub amps mentioned in few other threads, here are some of them, can anyone recommend any of these over abother (especially over Decawre Tori) ?

Decware Zen Tori IV -

KR AUDIO VA340 Integrated Tube Amplifier -

New Audio Frontiers Supreme 300B -

Omaha 300B SET Tube Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Ayon Orion II/Orion III -

Any audiospace / sofia Electric 300B

In the pre-owned market I would recommend a VAC Avatar. Brand new, you could have a Cary SLI 80 or a Rogue Cronus Magnum within budget. These are products with a track record from companies that build the product in the US. Your current speakers are not likely to work with a low powered amp.
ShengYa A-216. 46 pounds of incredibly well built hybrid integrated. Dual mono construction, fully balanced with one balanced input and 5 line level inputs, machined aluminum remote. 150 WPC, defeatable tone controls, no tube rolling as the tubes should last pretty much forever.
It uses (2) Chinese ex-military miniature pencil (Beijing 6N16) vacuum tube per side in the preamp section
The reviewer here compared it favorably with about $6K of tube separates:
Thanks everyone for suggestions, will talk to the dealers too figure out next course of action, it may take a while but will comeback to update whatever I get to this thread