Looking for musical A/V receiver

I think it is difficult to buy the sweet stereo sound receiver with US800. But if anyone could offer a tip on the same, it would be grateful
The best receiver I heard is the Rotel RSX965.
Try listening to the Onkyo Integra DTR-5.1
I recommend those two brands plus NAD on another post maybe also yours.
I had a Denon 3300 for 9 months. I really like it for $800 new. The remote sucked(Of course they all do at this price), but everything else was great. I sold it because I went to separates plus alot of $$$ more. If I were to go back to a reciever, I would buy Denon again. Good luck.....LR
The remote on the Onkyo Integra sucks less than most. I was impressed when I saw this piece -- and I have the audiophile thing bad...
Try the Arcam AVR100, it's got a 2 channel pass through and sounds very good with music.
Jim P.
Agree with above, the Arcam is a musical piece, although two out of two I received had problems. I went with the Marantz SR-7000 and have been content for what it is.
Denon AVR4800. Loads of power, high current, might be too "bright" for some people's taste.
Try the Marantz SR18EX...
I concur with the Rotel supporter. Best I've heard in its price range. IMHO it smoked the Marantz.
B&k has the best two channel bar none,and when used with an acoustic zen mc=zen digital cable,the surround is also the smoothest and most detailed bar none.In order to do better you need to spend at least 5k on seperates.
Before I moved up to the "high end stuff" I had a Marantz SR-7000 and it was great! I belive you can find them now for 700.00 or so. Lately I've also been hearing great things about the Denon stuff.