looking for music

I'm in the market for small floorstander's and have run across the opera loudspeaker company from Italy, anybody have any experience with the Platea model? I am looking into that model and the Reynaud Arpeggione floorstander. Both seem very similar in build exept the Opera is all hardwood, but I am really more concerned with sonics. I would be driving them with a 35 watt tube and I have a small room 12x15x8. All different types of music listened to. Please feel free to suggest other models about this size that are musical and under 1200$ used.
No one has heard the two? Help!
Hey Sean,

Tom Turner here! How's the amp.?

You may want to post another request putting "Opera Loudspeakers" in the subject line. That way folk know the topic without needing to open the post. For instance, I thought the post was for someone requesting suggestions for music (media).

Lastly, I know that A-goN'r "Underwoodwally" was closing out Opera SP1s earlier this year. By all accounts the Super Pavoratti is a great (and beautiful) speaker.

Also, Alan Grau at AudioWaves is an Opera Dealer and a good guy. You may want to contact him for opinions on Opera vs. the other speaker lines he carries.