Looking For More Detail

My current setup is a VPI Scoutmaster JMW9/Dyna 20X S.V. 1mv output, I am looking for more detail. What cartridge may be the answer?
Plenty, but $$$$$$$$$ ? budget?
Before changing carts, have you considered upgrading to the Signature arm? Also, have you optimized set-up? I made changes that, in hindsight, I wish I hadn't made before I learned how to really dial in set up. Use of the MintLP arc protractor and other things learned has made me realize that I couldn't have known how good some of my previous cartridges were. I wish I hadn't sold my Lyra Dorian, for example. Another cheap tweak is Mapleshade's NanoMount system, which I swear by.

My current cartridge is a Dynavector XX2MKII, which is all the cartridge I will ever need. My Sig. Scout has turned out to be a formidible record player, but not without optimizing set up, and a few upgrades. Just my opinion, FWIW.

Best of luck, and enjoy,
For the VPI there are a couple things that you can easily try that will give you what you are looking for.

1) better internconnect from TT to phono stage - what are you using?
2) Black Diamond Racing Scout Master support kit

The BDR kit really helps isolate the motor from the rest of the table.
the klipschorn is a full bodied overall performer...it will however extract the tiny detail that some lesser(in overall performance) speakers will.
My budget would be no more than $1500-2000, my current IC are Audioquest Copperheads. Telefunken and Mullards are the tubes in my phono.
Lyra cartridges are well known for their detail retrieval, and they match very well with the JMW9 tonearm.

I forgot to mention VPI setup the cartrdge using a scope.
Some Possible solutions:
- Dial-in cartridge better
- Change Phono Stage loading
- Get better phono cable
- Put spikes under table
- Better Rack

Oh, and as far as detailed cartridges, I like the ZYX. I had some Shelters before which are nice, but I think ZYX beats the Shelters at equal price points.

I'd try the cheap/free adjustments first though. It sounds like you have a decent cartridge already.
Adjusting VTA can improve detail.
Islandmandan nailed it. First get a Mint LP protractor. The 9 sig is MUCH better than the regular 9. Then a new cart.
I think replacing the AQ Copperhead with Cardas GR would be a big improvement, no matter what you do elsewhere if the wire can't convey enough detail what you've done won't be heard.
Are there other good IC's or are those the best choice for his system?
The key in analog reproduction is the Phono Stage or Phono section in a preamp. Cartridges show differences of course, but from my opinion I could live with a cheap cart. in combination with a top phono but not the other way.
When you want to change the cartridge I think in the overpriced cartridge market the Lyra Helikon closes the gap between superior detail and musicality for a real good price.
I'd look at replacing your interconnects and speaker wires before going to a different arm or cartridge set-up.

I also have a tube preamp and monoblocks. I just purchased a set of Nordost Blue Heaven Rev II on clearance at Music Direct for half off. WOW. Talk about clarity!! They're just out of the box too. I wouldn't have believed it if I wasn't hearing it myself. My interconnects are by Grover Huffman and the turntable leads are stock Nottingham Acespace.

You can borrow cables from the Cable Company lending library to audition in your home with your system. I would go this route if all I wanted to do was "tune" my system.

I forgot to mention VPI setup the cartrdge using a scope.
How long ago? And unless it was done by Harry, I don't think anyone else there gives a .....
Carts need frequent adjustment to stay "right". Also a new cart will need even more frequent adjusting as it breaks in.
Headsnappin your point is?
In response to your post my friend has offered me his Hovland Music Groove II IC's to try. I will try them starting tomorrow.