Looking for more amp power for ACI Jaguars

I have the above monitors which are not that tough of a load (Nominal 8 ohm that dip down to 6 ohms), but they are relatively inefficient (87db). Recommended power for them is 50-300 watts.

I am using a TRL modified Musical Fidelity A300 integrated which is 150W @ 8 ohms and 260W @ 4ohms.

I have a rather large room (17x25) and my listening position is about 9 feet from the monitors with a good 10 feet then behind me. I do use a an ACI Titan sub for the low end duties. JAgs go down to lower 40hz per specs, but I have them plugged in rear ports so they roll off at closer to 60hz.
Although the ACI Jags do not strain with the MF A300, they seem like they could use more power IMHO.

I was thinking about adding a decent ($1000) used more powerful amp and using the preamp section of the MF A300 for now. I would add a dedicated preamp later (likely a tube pre) and sell the MF 300.

HAve looked at the MArsh 400 amps on AG here, a used Parasound HCA 3500, and a few others.

Another option is bi-amping but I don't quite understand how that works and how to then match gain levels of amps.
I do bi-wire the Jaguars with positve results.

Would welcome any suggestions.
I have no experience with your speakers but, my thought is that a monitor style speaker is too small for your room size. You might have better results going with a floor stander that can move more air instead of a monitor. Good luck.

For bi-amping, you will either need another amp with the same sensitivity as the A300, or you would need an active crossover of some kind that would allow you to match the volume from the two amps.

I'm not a bi-ammping expert, but I do know that other British amp manufacturers like Arcam and Roksan built power amp versions of their integrated amps specifically so folks could add an amp to their exisiting integrated and bi-amp their speakers. For instance, Arcam built an Alpha 10P to match their Alpha 10 Integrated. They both had the same power and same sensitivity, so you just add the amp, connect with interconnects and add an extra set of speaker cables and you are set.

Maybe MF has a matching power amp for the A300.


Thanks for the comments.

-I think Musical Fidelity may have some amps that were made to match up with the amp inside the A 300-will check on that. They would be discontinued and I seem to recall they were not their better quality amps. There others may still work, however.

-The monitors are actually pretty large for monitors (52 lbs each) with 7" woofer/tweeter arrangement. Here is a picture of them in this manual. They are the top speakers in this monitor/sub package.


I should mention my ceiling is only 7 1/2 feet so the total space is not too bad-but you may have a point.
OK guys-a couple buddies who are much more experienced than me have commented to me offline via email that Eldorado may be onto something here. :)

I am always willing to learn new things in this hobby on how to build a system so maybe I will explore the idea of different larger closer to full range speakers that are a bit more efficient.

Any suggestions are welcome (around $2000 or so). I will post this Q in the Speaker forum specifically as I am getting maybe a bit off topic.
I am using the Jags in a room that is about your size with LFM's and have no issue filling the room. Right now I am using the Dussun V8i integreated (amp section only) and it drives them fine. Why not add a second titan?
I owned the Jaguars a few years ago and found them very amp friendly. I drove them with 100 watts of tube power in a room almost the same size as yours. I never felt the need for more power, but on kick drum heavy material I could definitely bottom out the woofers. I thought the Jags sounded pretty good with the exception of this limitation and somewhat less than stellar transparency. Very musical and easy to listen to though.

Been away from this thread for a bit.
I did find another Titan (older version crica 1998-2000) just like mine that I am picking up this week.
I also tried a bit of basic Room Tx and things are moving in right direction.

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You can verify whether the monitors are too small for your room with a simple SPL meter. If the level is adequate at the listening position, then the monitors are OK.

I get 85 db at listening position when the integrated is pushed a bit which I consider fairly good sound level. Maybe it just seemed like I needed to push the amp more than I thought I should to get this sound level.
The overall impact of the sound seemed a bit light to me at times.

I did change power cords to a Tunami from a VH Flavor 4 and this seemed to flesh out things a bit.
Also with some basic diy bass traps experiments-the bass and overall impact was enhanced. I think I may have had some standing wave issues and cancellation going on.
The second sub experiment should help with that-but yes, it could get tricky on setup.
These minor changes have helped.

I think maybe the monitors should be capable here and maybe I was to quick to point a finger at them or my amp, and I do like the ACI house sound.

I have a Mirage LFX-3 crossover sitting here from a friend with a missing power cord/wall wart. Maybe I will get him to dog that out of his closet and try the active Xover. I am always hesitant to stick anyhting else in the chain, but the Mirage is supposed to be pretty clean.

I am still curious about a different amp potentially and will research the ATI's you mentioned.

I guess I am realizing that there are many elements here to explore and should see by trial and error which move the sound to where I want it which is simply a bit more impactful presentation.

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Thanks Bob.
Interesting comments and a good read on the M&K site link.
I have also read a lot of Robert E. Greene's ideas on AA.
He really seesm to like the idea of two subs if set up properly.