Looking for monoblocks

Class D monoblocks, that is. I use a JBL L-200 cabinet with LE 15B woofers. My intention is to hardwire my woofers with a class D mono amp on the back of each cabinet. Balanced inputs are preferred and the less investment the better. These amps will not see anything higher than 500 Hz. but should output at least 100 watts. Woofers are 8 ohm.

Interested in amplifier recommendations that meet all of my requirements with excellent voice.

What would you suggest I consider?
Are you sure about the 500hz. part? Seems to me that they cross over somewhere around 900-1000 hz.
I'm sure. The original horn, driver, and passive crossover have been bypassed. The replacement horn, mounted on top of the cabinet extends south to 400 hz. if desired, so the woofer does not see anything above 500 hz. Original XO point was 800 hz. by the way.

I have a dbx Dive Rack PA providing XO, EQ, and phase delay. RTA too.

Active bi-amp. Want to hardwire my amps to my drivers.

No tube amps, please. I already have some I'm not using.
Hi Macro, what kind of current will you require on each speaker, and what is your actual budget?

Budget is low by preference more than necessity. I'm not spending more than $1000 and would prefer even less. I'll probably buy used but I'm asking for suggestions as to what I should investigate.

I have no idea about current requirements. It's a 15 inch vintage JBL woofer with a huge motor and overhung voice coil. Does that tell you enough?
Macro, have a look at some of the older Bel Canto amps on Audiogon. . . I fear that if you buy a set of new class D monos under $1K, you may end up with pretty darn dry/hempy bass.