Looking for modern day Mod Squad tonearm tweak.

Does anyone here know a company that does a tonearm cable tweak similar to one Mod Squad offered in the 1980's?
It was basically a DIN with ultra thin wire that ran to a box you could mount on the back of a turntable (like an LP12).
The box had RCA plugs so you could use any interconnect from turntable to phono preamp.
The idea is to eliminate the effect of the tonearm cable on a suspension.
If anyone knows a company that offers the modern day version of this, please post a link.

Thank you

This item from Cardas Audio does the job. It's a great product and very easy on the eye.

Phono Box
When I owned Music & Sound imports we made suct a tonearm box, in fact I thing we were the first to offer it (1982 I think) when we imported the CJ Walker turntable. I currently do not offer such a devise, but would certainly consider offering it again if the demand from AudiogoN members indicated a need for it. It would be very reasonable priced (below $100 would be the goal) and would be sold direct and not through dealers thus keeping the price down. Comments Please.....