Looking for member ROBBEN

Hi guys !

I am looking to get in contact with member "ROBBEN" since he, in an old post from 2006, wrote :

"...I once owned a 1967 cherry red Gibson 335 which I eventually sold to Alvin Lee on his band bus in 1983 in Minneapolis. I also got to jam with him a bit. That was pretty cool since he was my guitar hero at the time..."

I own a 1967 cherry red Gibson 335 that I bought in London in 2006, but I have never been able to prove 100 % that it really belonged to Alvin Lee.
If I could get in touch with Robben he maybe could tell me if I own the same guitar that he sold Alvin back in 1983.
I can be contacted at mikkelsport at gmail dot com.
All help much appriciated !

Rock on and greetings from Denmark !
Jesper Sørensen
Try to send him a message by email.


Left hand side of page, "Send message".
Use the Member Lookup function under "Community" to send him a message.
Hello Alvinfan, Possibly there are archived records kept of Alvin's guitar serial numbers somewhere. I hope it does turn out to be the correct one for you.
Alvin always was and remains Awsome! (and chose a great guitar:)
My four six-stringers are all Gibson Pre-Norlin solid-body "rockers"
Very Best Of Luck!!! :)
Hey Alvinfan! I am here. I sent you a personal message. Long story short-it looks like the same guitar, and a great one at that...
He has sent me an email with a precise description of the guitar !!
I can´t believe my luck !!… and then on Christmas day !!!!
Thanks for the support guys.
If you want to see more go to Alvin Lee com - fan community - forums

Rock on and thanks for the support !!!!!