Looking for mc cartridge in $1000-$1500 range.

Considering an EAT Jo no. 5 or Hana ML. I’m using a Hana EL in a second system, and really love it.
main system:
Oracle Delphi Mk V, with SME 309 arm
EAR 834P phono pre (sut input for mc, followed by tubes)
Cary SLP-05 pre
Pass Labs XA 60.5 amps
Golden Ear Triton One speakers
Kimber and other high end silver interconnects
Acoustic Zen spkr cable.
25 x15 x 10 mostly open room

You should go MM and don’t look back.
Instead of Hanna from an old OEM (Excel Sound) you could try a much better and very special LOMC Fidelity-Research PMC-3 cartridge with Air-Core Coil designed by legendary Ikeda-San. Beautiful cartridge with LineContact nude diamond. Technical data can be translated from this japanese source. It's on the low end of your budget, but this model is rare one. 

Ortofon MC2000 is also something very special, but ultra high-end MC phono stage with very high gain required (or SUT). NOS sample is extremely rare and on the edge of your budget, but well worth it. 

P.S. and yes, MM like Victor X-1II in mint condition would be a great alternative to any MC at this price range on your SME 309 tonearm. 

Ask ''your truly'' I have those mentioned by chakster and some


@nandric which one you could add in the list for the OP, would be nice to see some other contenders 

My dear Slavic brother, While I don't know what OP means

I can add the following: Accuphase AC II (designed by ZYX

owner), Kiseki Blue Goldspot (the latest Kiseki), Nakamichi

 M1000 (professional), XYZ Airy 3 X and Blue Oasis ( Sao Wim

and Townshend ''darling'').

It is unclear if the OP (which I believe stands for Original Poster) requires the cartridge to be new or if NOS and/or previously 'cherished' would also apply.

For used there are plenty of contenders in this price range, you only  have to find them. In addition to the other suggestions you might consider Accuphase AC-3 (also built by the ZYX owner), Ortofon MC-3000 & 5000 and several Shelter models (like 501 and 701). And I can certainly vouch for the Nak MC-1000, but the tired word 'rare' really does apply here. Also quite rare and one of my favorite 'old' cartridges is Audiocraft AC-03. Designed and built by Matsudeira-San, current owner of MY Sonic Lab and also the designer of (some of) the Air Tight cartridges. 

If it must be new, my highest recommendation in this price range would be Phasemation PP-300. Official retail is now $1799 I believe, but Japanese sellers occasionally offer them online for less. Its predecessor, the largely identical P-3G, can sometimes be found NOS for $1000 or less.

Sorry to pile on here... open ended questions like this will get you dozens of recommendations.  But, I did this same research about a year ago, and I ended up with an AT ART9.  There's no looking back!  I'm very happy with it, and reviews from others here will agree.  It's certainly not the only option, but those who have heard it seem to agree that it punches well above its peers.
Thank you all for some interesting leads to follow.
Btw, I have had Shelter 501 II and Blackbird hi output in this system. Shelter did not track well with my arm. Blackbrd did not have enough “air” in mids. With the Shelter I’m guessing compliance was too low for a light cartridge and low mass arm. That’s the reason I’m looking at EAT Jo No.5 -  High mass, mid-high compliance.  I heard both the Hana and the EAT at CA dealers, and liked them both - but not my system, so hard to evaluate. Has anyone actually heard these cartridges?
I prefer to buy new from CA dealer. New on-line may be o.k. If a good deal.
When I saw the title of your post I was going to suggest you save yourself a little money and get a Hana SL.  I have one and am very pleased with it.  It comes really close to the $2,000 Van Den Hul MC Two I have on my main turntable.  I love my Hana SL and know a couple of friends with one and have only heard good things about it.  If you love the EL, the SL or ML should definitely be on your short list.
I was very interested in both the Hana ml and the eat jo but jumped on a pre owned zephyr Star. It’s sounds wonderful so far on my Nottingham 294. It was just on sale at many on line dealers too and would be safely in your price range. Still, Id love to hear more about the EAT and Hana 
$500 AT-33PTG/II microline low mc from 2juki on eBay. Many say best cartridge under $1000. I have one on my modified RP6. 
Hello I just broke in the soundsmith zepher star really nice.