Looking for Marley tunes

I'm posting this for my wife.
She has a CD, MAsters of Reggae Volume 2, with three Bob Marley songs she loves:
Fussing And Fighting
Stop the Rain

unfortunately, the quality of these recordings is simply horrible.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find her a better version of these songs? Maybe a source for recently remastered items? Maybe on another lable (this is LDMI).

any clues welcomed.

thank you,
killerpiglet (love the name; sounds like “lord of the flies” meets pooh): the entire marley tuff gong catalogue is being remastered on the island label. i have the first ten, courtesy of my elder son, who counts island among his clients. all of these remasters are well worth purchasing. an easy means to find the albums with the songs your wife cares about is to used the advanced search engine at amazon.com's music section, inputting the "song title " and "marley." -cfb
hehe, that was part of the imagery I was going for (but add an eye patch it's been my computer name for 20 years)

Nice to hear these are getting remastered! Thank you for the response.

I have the re-mastered Best of collection called "Legend" Although I don't see any of the above mentioned songs this still might be worth the investment.

Is this love, No women no cry, Could you be loved, Three little birds, Buffalo soldier, Get up stand up, Stir it up, One love/people get ready, I shot the sheriff, Waiting in vein, Redemption song, Satisfy my soul, Exodus, Jamming.
Yeah, we have Legend as well. It's good enough for me, but she wants those more obscure songs. I was thinking of getting the remastered Legend, but based on Cornfedboy's post I think I'll might get her the whole enchilada.