Looking for Mac tube amp for my Focal Kanta 2 speakers. Suggestions please!

Looking to finally make the jump to Mac gear after years of lusting. I currently have a couple homemade 60ish watt tube monoblock amps powering them. I love the tube sound so looking at MC30, MC60 or MC275. 

I’d love to get a pair of MC30s as I’ve read those have the most “tube” sound but I’m not sure they have enough power for the Focal’s. The sensitivity is 91db may not be high enough and 30 watts may not be enough to truly open up the Focal’s and not be strained. I also don't want to lose bass, but I do pair these speakers with a pair of REL S3's so that definitely helps. The speakers recommend 40w-200w so I'm not sure the MC30 would work.

The Kanta speakers are a relatively warm sounding speaker I believe so maybe that would pair well with the MC60 and still give that warm tube sound I like. 

Or maybe the 275 MK VI and have that Mac sound but a modern tube amp, altho I've heard the 275 sounds more SS than tube.

Thoughts? I’ll be pairing it with either a C2300 or reissued C22. Strictly used for playing vinyl.
I have the kanta 2's. I Use the mc452 for 2.2, and the mc275 for 2.0 with the kanta's at full range.  The 275 does sound different than the mc452.  Is my first tube amp, so can't discern between other tube amps.  
I have Kanta 2 with primaluna integrated HP, superb sounding combo.