Looking for Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington LP

I am looking for the Roulette press on red vinyl. I am looking for their first album, which is often called "recording together for the first time." I am hoping someone on this forum can either sell me this record, or tell me where I can find it. Thank you,

The Great Summit

Is this the one your looking for ?

Good Listening

I have an original Roulette pressing of this album, but it is not red vinyl. Contact me if you are interested. Great record, by the way.
PBNAUDIO: that is the one I am looking for.
GOheelz (presumably UNC tarhills), I am interested. How can I direct message you?
That is a GREAT recording! One of my favorites!
Elegal: post an email address, and I'll get in touch with you. You could also text me on Skype: goheelz2000.
Go to Gemm record site. I think they are listing 3 of them.
ROUNDMOUND: I just went through Gemm. I found several versions of the record, but none indicated that they were the red vinyl. Where did you see the red version? And thank you for your response.
I just realized that I have the record you are looking for. Did you ever find one?