Looking for Linear Power Supply for my Mytek Brooklyn DAC. Suggestions?

I am aware of the SBooster at 400 dollars. Any recommendations?
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  There is a switching wall wart ps from iFi ($50) that is reportedly blowing away linear supplies.  I have ordered a couple but waiting for lockdown here to end before delivery.

Some high end manufacturers (eg Soulution) offer switching power supplies instead of LPS built into their equipment...last time I checked that option costs 20k, per! The theory is that they always deliver full power - no caps to recharge for accurate sustained hi power delivery. 

The iFi is the first time a cheap hi end option is available.
The problem with switching power supplies is that they vary from extremely quiet (all Rowland and Benchmark products) to extremely noisy and cheap (computers).   Switching power supplies are line and load regulated, work over wide voltage range and are tolerant to DC.  Linear supplies in power amps are unregulated and can be noisy (they are also switching!).
The assumption that a piece of equipment that cost more than $2000.00 and has no more than $300.00 in parts needs a better power supply is offensive to me.  Yes, I know it happens, but it should not and a "better" supply could probably be had for thirty to forty dollars more.  This is yet another example of why/how the American electronics industry, in general,  has lost so much of our market.   Ayre is another company that has been criticized, by some for under sizing it's power supplies and look at what they charge.
When I was in Engineering school, my professors told us that every dollar added to a design created ten times that cost in retail price.  That is the equation that needs changing.   If it is still true, then it shouldn't be.  Sorry for this side show, but this is a sore spot with me.
My experience is that I have not found a switching power supply that outperforms a well designed external LPS with an appropriately matched power cord on audio source equipment.  
The best performing switching power supply I have used is on my Amazon Fire TV Cube ($99).  The worst power supply was my Xfinity X1 cable box ($10/month), which was overall the noisiest POS I have ever had in my system.  Taking that out and replacing with the Fire TV Cube made everything in my system sound much better, even with quality power conditioning on all sources.  The video and sound quality of the Fire Cube is at another level as well.  But I digress.

I have not tried the ifi switching supply.  Perhaps it performs as advertised.

It's not that switching supplies are necessarily bad, it's that they are not always designed with an eye to keeping noise out of the AC line.

A good switching supply can offer stellar output. 

For the currents and voltages we are talking about in the Mytek though, a linear supply is a great choice.