Looking for Kid A "Made in EU" Vinyl


I found this review on amazon and am wondering if someone could provide a link for the EU pressing.   I bought the US version and it sounded terrible so I sent it back.  TIA

It turns out, there is a way to determine whether it's the US or EU pressing without opening. The "XL" logo on the bottom right of the back cover has a slightly different placement.

On the EU pressing the XL logo is placed half-over a white field and half-over a black row of trees (That's what this Amazon stock photo shows but that's not what I received).

On the US pressing, the XL logo appears lower, against the white background. I've attached photos.

Hope this helps if you're considering purchasing in store... but it won't help you much here.


I've read mixed reviews about the 12" XL Kid A vinyl online... and now I know the reason why:

There are two separate pressings for the 12" XL reissue of Kid A. One states "Made in the EU" on the disc label and the other has no information on the disc label about where it was manufactured but states "Made in NA" on one of the inner sleeves. Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing which pressing is which without opening it. This is important because the US pressing is total garbage. Absolutely packed with surface noise throughout... making How to Disappear Completely, Treefingers and Motion Picture Soundtrack nearly unlistenable. I've owned 4 of the US 12" pressings from local stores and Amazon and all had the same exact problems. So I finally decided to import a copy from London.

It arrived today.

And, ladies and gentlemen, the European pressing is absolutely flawless. I'm also confident in saying that it outshines the second pressing from 2000 that I own. After owning 9 different copies of this album on vinyl, I can finally say that I have a pressing that is truly a sonic marvel.

So, good luck with this one... Every copy I received from amazon was the hugely inferior US pressing. This doesn't mean that you won't receive a European pressing from amazon but out of the three I received from amazon, none were.

If you find the "Made in EU" marking on the disc label, then you are in for an amazing listening experience. If that marking is absent, then you can expect a ton of surface noise throughout.
I have the Canada/EMI first(?) pressing.  No XL on it anywhere but the jacket does say printed in EU on the back and "imported by EMI MUSIC CANADA SIS" on a sticker on the front.  It's smaller than 12", maybe 10", double, gatefold.  Someday I'll break the seal and see how it sounds.  
It's a major headache trying to get the right recording.  I'll keep trying as Kid A is one of my favorite albums.

PS How can I tell which version is being sold on discogs?
On my copy,

First, it’s a dbl/10"

Second, On the back (jacket), there’s a "made in England" sticker

Third, On the bar-code, at the bottom right = made in EU

Not sure why this seems to be an issue?
Thanks for responding!

I buy from amazon so I'm not sure how I can tell which is which.

Should I call amazon and ask?

It's one of my favorite recordings!

Everything you post as an original EU copy is wrong.

In addition to my previous post...on at least on label side....there will be a  statement "made in EU"
Anyone have contact info for discogs?

Either phone number or email address?

I really love this album. Top 10 for sure!