Looking for “just good enuf” for garage man cave

This might be too sophisticated a group but I’ll try anyway!

i have a 25 ft x 27 ft heated garage with cable TV. I am looking for an audio system solution for under $1000.00. Objectives are for GOOD ENUF (not great) for both TV audio and music audio in formats of CD, USB wired or BT connected audio devices, streamed music from WI-FI connection, AM/FM tuner. WILL NOT NEED FOR LP playback ….probably going to be used only 5-15 times per year … which for me rules out more elaborate solutions.

One simple solution is a decent sound bar for the TV (Bose, Samsung et al) + an all in one microsystem (lG, Sony others) that achieves the man-cave requirements listed above.

I have searched for one receiver + speaker combo but it always gets limited by either it great for TV but not music (either by TV to receiver connection or by speaker config) or VICE VERSA.

ALL ideas greatly appreciated 


I put a Sonos Arc under my TV in a large living room of similar size as your garage and it does pretty well for streaming music.  If you don’t want to spend the cash for LS50 wireless II, it may be the next best thing, IMO.   

I dunno.

I think "man-cave in the garage" and I’m thinking an old Yamaha amplifier and some Cerwin Vegas or some Kabuki speakers you can stack some beers on. And a fridge. And some vintage Led Zeppelin fuzzy posters or something. And a black-light. Maybe a pinball machine.

That would be “just good enuf” for me, lol.


Vanatoo Transparent One Encore active speakers and source devices of your choice including Bluetooth will hit way above the cost and save space. Lots of great Modern technology applied wisely with these. Forget about old clunky midfi  stuff from years ago.

Try the PS AUDIO Sprout and some bookshelf speakers.  They gave a complete system for around $1,000.00 and some good reviews on YouTube. They also have an in home trial period so you can try it out. Good luck and have fun.  


PS. Welcome to the world of audiophile!