looking for jazz?

Please help me find more groups that are cutting edge jazz that use house and triphop influences thats sound similar to Medeski Martin & Wood, St. Germain. any suggestion would be great and thanks in advance for you help.
Try the group Niacin (Billy Sheehan, bass, John Novello, Hammond B3, Dennis Chambers, drums. Also, Wayne Horvitz and Zony Mash.
Try Greyboy
Philadelphia Experiment, Erik Truffaz Quartet, Carl Densen, John Scofield " A Go Go" in which he's backed by MMW, Robert Walter( Greyboy alum as I believe is Densen).
The Wayne Horvitz stuff smokes (the President and Pigpen discs are cool too).Also try:
Acme Rocket Quartet (1st, self titled)
Banyan (any)
Chicago Underground (Robt. Mazurek, Playground)
Critters Buggin' (Host) all are good tho'
Dennison Kimball Trio (Soul Machine)
Eskimo (Some Prefer Cake)
Friends of Dean Martinez (Shadow of Your Smile)
Charlie Hunter Trio (Bing Bing Bing)others are good too
Orange Symphonette (Oranj Album))
Playgroup (Epic Sound Battles)
Marc Ribot (Prosthetic Cubans)
Sex Mob (1st and 3rd)
The "trip hop" element can be percussively kind of pedestrian and some of the above stuff veers off from it a bit. You may find some of the following interesting as well:
Squarepusher (Feed Me Weird Things, Big Loada, Latest)
Ui (Two sided Ep/The Sharpie)
Tortoise (1st two)
Vandermark 5 (Singlepieceflow, Target or Flag)
thanks for all the suggestion went to cdnow and heard a little real aduio from all the artist's recommend. I would say that that fills out the side of MMWood but nothing has the house edge like st germain are they the only ones out there pushing that style? Its hard to find what I like and pure house is scary. thanks
There are a few groups & musicians that come to mind who blend electronica with jazz. Although I'm not sure it's exactly the blend you're seeking as the stuff I'm familiar with tends to align itself more closely with the darker trip-hop & electric Miles D. era influences, the following may be of interest to you:*Isotope 217*Sad Rockets'*Tied & Tickled Trio*Spaceways*Amon Tobin/CujoYou might want to browse through Forced Exposure's website at www.forcedexposure.com as they are a premier source for the kind of stuff you're looking for.