Looking for Jamo parts - from the mid 80's

I have reacquired a pair of mid 1980's Jamo Power 565 speakers. I bought them new when I was 18 and I loved them then. I got them back recently and they need some love. I have called the factory but they are now owned by Klipsch.

No one is left from the Jamo company.

Looking for the rubber grommets that suspend the woofer and a replacement woofer driver as well. I need to find the guy with the the basement full of parts from when the factory closed - anyone with a thought?

I would love to return these babies to their big hair glory! 350 watts continuous, 500 peak! 12" woofer, large mid-horn and 5 tweeters on a radius!
Parts Express have a lot of Jamo buy-outs form when the factory closed, might we worth checking their website

Try Madisound.