Looking For Internet Radio Recommendations

I’m looking for a Internet radio that has the following features:
1. Internet radio streaming
2. Wifi and LAN Connections
3. Standard AM/FM tuner
4. Remote
5. USB Port
6. Stereo Sound

The closest that I have come so far is Acoustic Researches ARIRC600I Internet Radio http://arinfiniteradio.com/ariradio/productinfo/?sku=ARIRC600I Unfortunately, either this radio is no longer sold or never came to market. Does anyone have any Internet Radio recommendations that meet the above requirements, but are under $250.00. Thank you for your help.
On the cheaper side, look at the logitech squeezebox touch and some of their other offerings. For more money, check out the Arcam Solo Neo. Also, go over to Audio Advisor and check out their music streaming receivers for other ideas.
I believe both Grace and Sangean both make something that might meet all your criterion with perhaps the exception of AM. Of course you can usually access an AM simulcast via Internet.
SAngean is known for their tuners I believe.

I have a Sangean am/fm table radio. It was reasonable cost, has good build quality and aesthetics, and has the most sensitive tuner I have ever seen on a portable device. Sound is also good for a table radio similar to Tivoli, etc.

I would look to Sangean as a good source of tuner products in general until I find somethingto the contrary.

I have seen Grace Gear in Best Buy and on Amazon. Does not strike me as particularly well built in all cases, but not sure. Reminds me more of typical consumer grade junk at a glance but I could be wrong.

For internet radio, I like the Squeezebox Touch and have two.
I can't declare it's so, but I wouldn't be surprised if within the different case work, the guts of these particular tuners, the Grace and the Sangean aren't the same.
Could be. Dunno. I am a Sangean fan though so far and have not had the honor of trying Grace, though I looked at their network player that comes in at a lower price point than teh SB Touch back when I was looking to replace my Roku's, and was not impressed, at least on paper and from reviews as well as based on looks.

With digital devices like these, features and support are a big part of teh value proposition. The bigger names like Logitech seem to have the inside track these days though Grace and others may come in cheaper. Who knows with an external DAC, teh Grace digital network player might sound just fine though it does look cheap compared to SB Touch and appears to be priced accordingly.
The similarities seem to be limited to one set of components, not the entire lines.
I've got a nice Sanyo unit sitting in storage you can have for a decent price. Think it was about $200 new.
I just purchased the Sangean HDT-1 stereo tuner. It was ridiculously cheap on ebay. I hooked it up to my 75ohm Fanfare outdoor antennae. All I can say is "HOLY SMOKES"! The fm is phenomenal. It does not have the glitz and glamour of my McIntosh MR-85, but it definitely sounds better...I'm blown away.
radio paradise is awesome.
I was looking for more or less the same for quite some time. Nothing seemed ideal. I eventually sacrificed the am/fm tuner spec and got a Pioneer N50 with wifi attachment. I dont miss my tuner at all and it is a fabulous sounding unit for a great price. Consider carefully your need for the tuner.
Regarding price: Perhaps you can stretch to consider the Pioneer N30 which is very similar spec and closer to your target.

I bought a LookeeTV recently, and it works amazingly! I thought it was just a regular Internet Radio player, but it does that perfectly and so much more too! I put it beside my bed, and the alarm clock built into the device wakes me up. It uses Wifi, so I can listen to radio programs from all around the world, not just from my local radio stations. I can also hook the device to my iPod and play the music on the device.
Not only its a Internet Radio player, but I can also watch Internet TV from channels not normally provided by my TV provider. I can also hook it up to my HDTV and watch it on the big screen. I can also access podcasts for many different topics like education and video games.
I highly recommend the LookeeTV! Hope I helped you.

Joey Russell