Looking for integrated better than my Rogue Sphinx

I have owned a Rogue Sphinx integrated amp for two years (100RMS). I don't have any specific complaints about its performance except at times when played loud, it sounds like it is clipping and delivering more distortion than clean signal. The Rogue retailed at time of purchased for $1325.00 (remote cost $100 bucks more). I thought it wise to check around with members as to their opinions about a step up in sound quality from the Rogue integrated before starting any serious searches.

Most higher end integrated amps today are decked out like cuckoo clocks and so this might be tough one. I have read a lot of good things about the Hegal integrated amps, but don't need a DAC unless it is going to be superior to the one in my Ayre CX-7emp CD player. In addition, I have no interest in computer audio and many of the accessory features of the newer amps will be useless to me.

However, I will need an MM phono stage, and will miss the one in the Rogue which is first rate.

Is it worth while to take a look at some of the older, highly praised integrateds, like Sim-Moon series of 7 years ago, or Krell, Vincent, Musical Fidelity, and possibly Conrad Johnson. CJ offered an integrated amp about 10 years ago and tagged it at $6500. It was rated 200RMS, but had no inboard phono stage It got excellent reviews at the time, though never took the market by storm ( probably because of its price tag in a depressed market) .

Having more power than 100RMS would be nice, but not a priority. My speakers are (newly acquired) Golden Ear Technology Model 7; so far, an extraordinary sounding speaker considering its price of $1400 per pair. Thanks to all
It should be noted that Luxman have been bought out by a Chinese company & manufacturing of all their lines has returned to China. Personally, I don't have much faith in the motivation and skill of a worker who is probably earning $5AUD an hour in a market not known for manufacturing high end audio equipment. What you need to understand is, Chinese companies primarily buy established audio brands to make money, not for the passion of designing and building great audio products.
Sunnyjim: "Which integrated is best" is on this forum at least once-a-month. I've responded (VK-300SE) so many times, I've stopped doing it. I must have been in the mood when I answered your query. The 300SE usually sells in the $2500 range (?). And yes, NOS 6H30 driver tubes go for $300 apiece. I tried replacements from ARC but they ask "which ARC product do you have?". My opinion is that when you don't have an ARC product, they send you their bottom-of-the-barrel offerings (mine failed after 6 months -these usually last 10 years (10,000 hours).
I bit the bullet and bought NOS from BAT -No problems and great sound since.
To me, $3100 for near SOTA sound is cheap.
Sunnyjim....you have an amp that you seem to like for the most part, but you haven't at least tried different tubes. It would seem to be a prudent step to take before the expense of buying something new. Another amp to consider that hasn't been mentioned is an Anthem 225.
Melbaguy1: Check your facts. Luxman is owned by the IAG Group based in England. Ownership of IAG is by two Taiwanese brothers, Bernard and Michael Chang. IAG also owns Quad and Wharfdale I believe.
Some manufacturing of lower end products is done in China but higher end things are still made in Japan and are of top quality.
I generally agree with your assessment of Mainline Chinese business practices (follow the wine market?) but it is not fair to smear Luxman in this way. Taiwan and Mainland China are two different countries!
To Dweller, I definitely will check out if there are any BAT 300 SE available on AG, or possibly E-bay, and will precede from there,if I think the price is right, and the cap upgrade is reasonable.

Fortunately,In SoCal, there is Upscale Audio which is the premier dealer possibly in the Southwest for purchase of replacement tubes, and also to get solid advice.

Mtbrider. Sounds like good advice, worth at least Upscale Audio's free consultation service. You also mentioned and recommended the Anthem 225 integrated. One of our members recommended this unit to me several times, but I was never overwhelmed by the reviews, and just assumed it was another above average IA. I know the 225 model has been available for probably 10 years,maybe more; however, they don't come up that often o AG. Thanks to all who responded