Looking for integrated amp with phono for starter

A friend of mine is planning on getting a turntable, and would like some guidance as to an integrated amp with phono. Price probably $1-3000 area. Anyone with some suggestions please reply...all suggestions appreciated.
You may just like this

Rogue Audio Sphinx is an easy recommendation - tube pre amp with class d amp and very nice phono stage built in for $1200 or so.
Marantz PM8004 at 1K list. Smart shopping should be able to get one for less.

Built at their reference factory in Japan, this integrated is not afraid to state its true specs - 70 wpc into 8, 100 wpc into 4, damping factor at 100, nice MM phono stage that will easily accommodate high output MC cartridges and a hefty 27 lbs. I heard one driving a pair of 10K Sonus Faber Cremona M's once, a 4 Ohm speaker, and was very impressed with its performance. Strongly suggest this goes on your friends short list.
BAT VK-300SE integrated.
While the (optional) phono section is not great,
the tube front end (6H30) and solid state muscle
amp (150 watts/ch @8 ohms, 300 @ 4 ohms) are
very musical.
I use one with an Ayre P5 and have no complaints.
Need to know the speakers before deciding on tube or SS.
Lowrider57 asks THE very important question. Example: I bought a Heathkit SA-3 on Ebay for $150 with original manual. (3 watts per channel) A GREAT underrated value with appropriate speakers.
I'd get the creek destiny if you could find one.
Croft Integrated. Tube phono and line stage with mosfet power amp stage. It's a minimalist design but fast and musical.
Things to ask your friend:

What is budget for turntable as budget for amp is broad.

As asked previously, what are the speakers?

Any desire to go tubes?
Primaluna with the phono stage
Croft! Excellent recommendation. I'll second that.
Add me to the list with the Croft!
check out the Rogue Audio Sphinx
All good recs. +1 for the Marantz 8004. I would also have a listen to the Arcam FMJ A19. Both Arcam and Marantz are relatively easy to find a place to listen to them and that is a big plus. Both companies offer very good value in their pruducts.