Looking for integrated amp to go with Spatial Hologram M4

Hello!  I'm looking for advice for an integrated amp to power some Spatial Hologram M4's.  They are 93db efficient and are 4 ohm.  Budget is 1000$-2000$  I tend to lean towards warm and powerful amps.  But any suggestions are quite welcome.   Current amp is a vintage McIntosh ma6800.  Looking to upgrade.  Phono stage would be great.  Music tastes are all over the place...

Associated equipment:
rega planar p3
oppo udp 203
transparent and audio quest cables

thanks for any help u can give!...

I heard the Spatials last weekend with Linear Tube Audio ZOTL gear powering them. I don't think they could sound any better than this. I know LTA is working on a intergrated amp but I have no idea when it will be on the market. His amps do have a volume control though.

Roxy54..... so u think the MAC is better than anything 2000$ or below?  It's never been serviced... maybe I should service it and call it a day?   
Just a data point. Very happy with a Rogue Cronus Magnum II and M3's. Has an MM Phono stage. Often can be found here on AG for 1500 to 2k. 
If you really like the 3D effect and halographic  imagery then you should consider a good tube amp.  I don't know if you can get the power you want from a sub $2K amp.  That may be tricky.  If you think well I will just get a tube pre and a potent SS amp it won't work despite popular thinking to the contrary.  You need tube output power. Maybe used I just don't know.
Congratulations on the M4s.  I bought a used pair recently and am very pleased.  They seem to work very well with all types of music and are more compatible with my man cave than my Dali Helicons 400 mk1s.  They are particularly good for well produced electronic music. 

I am using a Belles Soloist but would also like to hear some tube recommendations as on a few recordings things are a bit bright (maybe my other components).  Apparently they match very well with the Rossi LIO integrated but i am sure at that price point many speakers do! Cheers