Looking for information about Dahlquist CA-1W1

I recently purchased pair of Dahlquist CA-1W1 from original owner. They are in great condition and I'm very pleased with the sound. However, I'm trying to match a center channel, I looked up for some specifications over the web - nada. I'll appreciate any info on this model (e.g. Driver Complement; Design Principle; Frequency Response; Sensitivity; etc.)

I've had those and they are excellent performers. The easiest thing to do is to just get another single CA1 and use it for the center channel.
Alternatively, if you could find a pair of CA2's, go for those (you'll be pleased!) and then use one of your CA1's for the center.
Good luck!
Myraj - Thanks for the advice, excellent idea.
I already started to look for either of them.

Anyway, I will still appreciate any specifications information anyone can provide for the CA-1W1.

You may have already made the purchase but check out the CA-C1 which is made to go with these speakers. I have the CA-C1 for my center channel which is matched for my CA2-W2. Click the link for my "system" to see a picture of it.