Looking for info on the new Krell hts

I understand that krell is comming out with a updated hts preamp processor, does any know what changes they made, also if they fixed the digital delay, thanks all
Samski, Where did you hear of this? Was there any mention of upgradability of the existing hts? They were supposed to have a DVD player out by now, and it isn't. Krell's very cautious about releasing info on new units.
Krell does in fact have a new unit. It has a new faceplate and one feature I am interested in-- a true analog bypass for SACD. "Upgrades to existing units could begin in the second quarter" This is per Krell. The new HT is on their website, along with their new speakers and amps.
the new unit has a better chassis, true analog, and the old HTS can be upgraded to incorperate the new internal features