Looking For Info On Optimus 1100 Speakers

I bought a pair of these and can't find any info on them.

Any links or relevant info would be appreciated.

IIRC, back in the day, Optimus was a Radio Shack house brand.  Some models were reportedly surprisingly good
Some models might have been surprisingly good but most models unsurprisingly sucked. For full disclosure, I only owned a bookshelf size back in the day for my "garage" system and heard two others; another larger bookshelf size and one floor standing. The brand was considered mediocre at best. Sorry about being blunt.
The pick of the Radio Shack Optimus range back in the day (mid 90s) was the Pro LX5 which used the Linaeum ribbon tweeter and was less than $200 the pair -- my first system in the US while I was at grad school was based around this -- a super speaker (once you tweaked it by filling the port with straws!) and well deserving of much better ancillaries -- seems like there are plenty still available on eBay makes me think about building an office system around them again 😏

Unfortunately I know nothing about the 1100 -- what I can pick up it sounds like nothing special, sorry
I have a pair of the little Pro LX5s and loved them as surround speakers (excellent omnidirectional tweeters), but, alas, the surrounds of the midrange drivers rotted away. Wish I could find replacement surrounds...

Well, I'll be darned:


Kalali-I agree.  My first system was from RS.  Nothing to write home about, but we sure loved in in my freshman dorm.  The ones w the ribbon tweeter were definitely considered the cream of the crop.
Thanks all for the responses.

These 1100's seem to be a mystery. ??

I gave a link in my post to the specs and user guide. They seem like a generic three way box
Radioshackcatalogs.com might have something.