Looking for info:Dunlap Clarke Dreadnaught 1000

I have a dunlap clarke Dreadnaught 1000 amp. It is a great sounding incredibly powerful high current amp. I have never in the 5 years I have owned it been able to find one single piece of information on it.
I searched the web, and found a reference to a person who says he has printed materials like owners manuals etc. on this amp. You could try emailing him and see if he has something on it. His email address is: mgasman@tiac.net
I met Dunlap & Clarke at the Atlanta show in '78. They were showing this amp, so that gives you the age.
I have manuals and schematics. I'll scan and email them in return for an opportunity to chat and learn what you know about these extraordinary amplifiers. I have a 500 that has been in daily service since 1982. I would not trade it for anything I have heard.

Ben Fagen
Hi I had seen a post you had information on Dunlap Clarke
products. If you have any of these scanned would really
like to get this.
Thanks in advance