Looking for info. ANDANTE E phono cartridge

I just bought this for 1.99 at thrift store, and wanting to sell in online, but can't find out anything about the pricing or anything else, any info. would be greatly appreciated. There is a stamp 8Y2 Japan on it. I have the box. Micro Mass Magnetic Andante. There is an E on the front of the Cartridge.
Some of the Andante's were rebranded from other companys, like Grace.
Check with TV show dudes such as earlytv on subject how much my stuff worth, than subtract nearly 78% to get the sale price.
Who are TV Show Dudes on earlytv? But I do agree with deducting no less than 75% to figure the real price.
I have said it before the thing you have is worth what someone else will pay for it! To figure that out you have to put it up for sale at/on a large open market.
them showing foolish things and saying fools how much they worth.