looking for inexpensive speaker spikes?

I have an M&K sub with 1/4" x 20 thread holes for spiked feet. Can someone point me in a direction to find some new isolation feet / spikes in the $50-60 range?
The sub is sitting on carpet.
Go to the hardware store and buy some 1/4" x 20 bolts and nuts. Grind the heads of the bolts to a point. Be sure to wear your safety goggles. Screw the flat end into the sub and lock in place with the nuts. You can vary the taper of the point or try bolts made of different materials to see if they sound different.

If you don't have a grinder, you can buy one for the $50-60 you were willing to spend on spikes and then you will have a grinder for future projects. Besides, you now have an excellent excuse for a trip to the hardware store.
Take 1/4 X 20 allthread and cut lengths of the spikes you wish (or just cut the head off a 1/4 x 20 bolt). Have a machine shop or a friend with a lathe turn a point on them with what ever taper you wish and voila! I have done this for years. Of course you have to pay attention as to whether the machinist is wearing a blue or red shirt when he does this (never let him wear a striped shirt or bib overalls) and whether he uses a right hand or left hand tool when he turns them also what brand of cutting oil he uses. Experment with which sound you like best. Or drive yourself nuts with how long you want the taper and try in 1/64" steps to tune them as you want realizing that the sound will change according to what color your speaker grills are even if these do not go on your spealers.
I manage to turn out about a dozen an hour when I am tinkering.
check out parts express


great looking set of 4 for $20.

best of luck, and happy listening,
Can you get them from M&K?
May Audio Marketing has nice sets of BBC MK 2 cones that are threaded & also have locking rings. These sets come with protection discs & also have flat-top pieces that couple to the threaded bolt. The sets when assembled make into a standard cone, but it is still adjustable. The price is right in your ballpark.
Tried a number of different spikes under my Vandersteen 3a's.The best by far were the large Polycrystals, which you can get from the Cable Company.
I have the M&K V-1250 sub on a carpet and have it on the
large Polycrystals which I found used on Audiogon. Works
great! Inexpensive.
If all else fails you could steal someone elses :) don't tell them I told you too though!! ~Tim
Anyone know the thread type for LINN Index? I bought mine used (no spikes). They are fixed to the stands, a little heavy and it would be a real hassle to take to the hardware store to find the right bolts to make some spikes.