Looking for in-wall speakers

I have decided to spend some money on a family room set-up with a 47" LDG HDTV. All of my money has gone into a 2channel/HT room in the basement, but my wife wants to watch TV upstairs. In deference to her wishes I am looking for in-wall speakers. I hope to talk her into a sub in the corner since I will not be happy with just the in-walls. My budget is still uncertain. The last post regarding this was a year ago and there are only a few for sale. Since I appreciate great audio, this is a challenge. I will mostly be using them for movies and will probably only get two speakers in the wall and the LCD will be on the wall. I am intrigued by the Magnepans, especially if I can talk her into an on-wall speaker. If that doesn't fly, I am going to buy in-walls. My receiver is an Onkyo 605 with an Oppo 970 or 980. I appreciate any and all help you could give.
If you can get acceptance for on-wll speakers, take a good look at the Gallo Ref. AVs. Fabulous sound, reasonably unobtrusive...

RW- You are absolutely right on. If I can swing it, I will go for a Gallo system with the A'Diva or Nucleus Micro Ti, on the wall, with a subwoofer +/- a center channel. Then, I would be happy with the sound for music and movies. I may not be able to do that. I am sympathetic of her need for aesthetics in that room. As you can see from my virtual systems, I already have my way in other rooms. So, keep those ideas coming, my friends....
Totem seems to own the onwall category. They have just come out with inwall Tribes. Way better than Gallo or Maggies with just a reciever.
Zieman, thanks for your response. Any and all ideas are welcome.
Go to the parts express on-line catalog. Great source for DIY and ready made speakers