Looking for IC and speaker cable suggestion

My bug finally moves to cables. I have not upgraded my cables for over 5 yrs. I am using a pair of Audioquest Vipper between Oppo 105 and C-J 17LS2. The speaker cables between ARC VT100 and B&W 805s are hefty Monster M series (can't remember the number) that I bought over 10 yrs ago. All other cables are cheap less than $20. I am looking for upgrade to maximize the potential of my gears. Here is my list of components:

2 channel system: Table:VPI Aries I, Phono stage: Conrad Johnson Premier 15, Preamp: Conrad Johnson Premier 17LSII, Power amp: ARC VT100 MKI, Speaker: B&W 805S

HT: Source: Oppo 105, processor: Krell S-1000, Amp: Krell Showcase 7, Speaker: B&W 105S (F,C,R)

Thank you.  

If you get in touch with ClearDay cables, they will send you a review pair to test in your system.  I found them fabulous, and not expensive.
I have recently replaced $3000 worth of cables with $250 worth. Much better
Interconnects are Beldin 8402 cable
Speaker cable is 1950's Western Electric 16 gauge stranded cable
The expensive stuff was HiDimond 8 and Auditorium 23
Go figure
I just replaced a bunch of pretty expensive cables with Clear Day and it was pretty GD amazing.
Been using Blue Jeans cable for IC and speaker for some time and am quite happy with what I'm hearing. As far as cost they were quite inexpensive but far better than my Transparent IC and Monster Speaker cable which BJ cable replaced. Currently seeking a cable upgrade myself and have some on order to audition. I'll post my opinion of them after break in and critical listening.

I must say that I like your avatar!
Very happy with Anti Cables for ICs and speakers. Priced appropriately too.
you can look into newer Audioquest or Transparent cabling to match your gear. Happy Listening!
I moved to Zu IC cables from Transparent and Audioquest. They sound very clean and don't cost too much- especially if you buy some of their older models on Ebay(direct from Zu).
I still use current model Transparent Plus for speaker cables. They sound much better than previous incarnations.
If cost isn't a consideration and quality sound is, you might want to try cables from Von Gaylord audio.  

I recently upgraded to their IC's and bi-wired speaker cables. So far, a real game changer. 



Considering our systems almost match, mine is Krell Showcase 7, Krell Kav3250 amp and B&W 803D2 I have auditioned a speaker cable very recent which really are synergetic with the Krell  and B&W brand. Its the best I've tried yet and its not budget breaking and I'm keeping it. See my post Solid versus stranded speaker cable.
Transparent is the most natural, sonic match for B&W speakers.
Which brand of cabling are you using- gill ?
IC's are all BJ XLR and digital and Speaker is JW Audio Cryo Nova for now. Looking into Kimber, Audioquest Oak,  Alpha core and Nordost. Transparents I'd like but are way out of my league and budget. I'd have to hock my house to afford them.
Cygnus, here’s my two cents worth

- KLE Innovations
- Anitcables

If you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty here is a DIY solution

they perform extremely well and reside in my system, KLE Innovations gzero6 speaker cables being the only exception

Check out the thread on Cerious Technologies Graphene cables.
My thoughts on speaker wires: 100 watt amp and smaller, go with a #14 AWG OFC 99.9 copper. 100-200 watt, go with a #12 AWG. There are numerous articles across the web for wire size. Had I dropped a 100K on my setup and had change to spare, I'd choose Kaplan. I had one of his cables with my B&W 803's / Krell, decent cables, of course I bought them second hand.
Go for cables with the purest conductors(fewest grain boundaries in the metal) and a conductor dielectric that stays out of the way of the conductor.  Air is the best dielectric.

@ hifiman...interesting, I was unaware air being the best dielectric. I need to research more than I do.
One of the reasons I have Audioquest Colorado interconnects for my SACD player is the Teflon Tube dielectric.  It appears as an open teflon tube with the conductor inside surrounded by the air contained within the tube.  The other great thing about this cable is the PSC+(perfect surface conductor) copper. The + refers to the extreme purity of the copper within the tube dielectric.

The one eternal truth of this hobby is that none of us will ever know everything about it or understand all aspects of it.  We are all somewhere on the learning curve.  Cables are something that I have paid particular attention to over a long period of time.  An yes, I still have plenty to learn.

You cannot go wrong with ClearDay ICs or speaker cables. Highly recommended.
I have now 40 ours on Clear Day double shotgun speakercable.
It is an very good one, but I want more boddy and bass. To me it is a little lean. Or is 40 ours not enough for the Shotgun?
Is it also posseble to use the double shotgun 2x (two runs)
Thanks, mar10 
HiFiman...  Those are John (AudioConnection's) recommendation. Try Clear Day for the heck of it.....
@stringreen .....I seriously doubt hifiman5 based his opinion totally on JRs advice.  It appears he has done lots of leg work to get to where he is now.  Look at his system, synergy up the yin yang.   Regards........

carmenc.....all I did was suggest ClearDay cables, because they work so well for ME, and I am a nice guy.  Actually all cables sound different connected to different gear.   No one cable recommendation can bring Nirvana.  Clear Day has a no charge audition to the purchaser.....the buyer can send them back or he can make a pair...   up to you.  JR doesn't like silver, yet silver works for me....and so it goes....
@stringreen totally agree about the Clear Day.  I have to admit, they've peaked my interest.  May give them a try.  You have them connected to your Vandys now?  Take care.  Regards.......

Carmenc.....I do use Clear Day...double shotgun.  All my electronics are Ayre with Vandy 5A.  Ayre highly recommended Cardas ....I tried every permutation of Cardas..from the cheap to the most expensive   awful...., Purist, Audioquest, Nordost, Wireworld, etc, etc....nothing working FOR ME as well as Clear Day.  If you don't like it you can always send it back with no charge.
I've tried JW audio (really good for the price), morrow, audio arts, and clear day. All were different shades of good and wouldn't hesitate recommending a trial with any of them. I'm using clear day double shotguns right now and they are great, also using audio art ic3se cables (both dh labs and the xhadows - I like the dh labs slightly warmer nature more) and am very happy with them. Both rob (Audioart) and Paul (clear day) are so easy to deal with. As others have said it's very system dependent but these are definitely worth a try. 
@stringreen thanks for the advice.  I have Tannoy's and am using AQ speaker cables.  They're nice as they seem pretty darn nuetral and kind of get out of the way, but I was advised to look at Kimber, Wireworld or Audience.  I'm told those are more revealing.  Yes, Cardas is a mixed bag so to speak.  They are quite component specific I've found.  They can sound pretty awesome or leave you scratching your head.  Vandys like AQ yet you like the Clear Day better?  Revealing yet smooth?

I'm with you.  I think JohnnyR is great.  When I am able, my larger system will consist of Vandersteen and either Belles or Ayre.  Take care.  Regards.......

((((..I tried every permutation of Cardas..from the cheap to the most expensive   awful...., Purist, Audioquest, Nordost, Wireworld, etc, etc....nothing working FOR ME as well as Clear Day.)))

 Please lets be honest that was AQ 9 years ago and please admit you haven't tried anything new DBS AQ designs of cables.
 Best JohnnyR
@audioconnection  The shocker for me with Audioquest dbs was when I bought 12 new batteries for my pair of Colorado interconnects.  Good lord!!!  That gave me the full dbs effect.  The sound opened up immediately.  The soundscape had greater height, width and depth.  Someone could switch between old and new batteries on me in a blind test and I would score 100% and I don't say that lightly.  I have been involved in such trials in the past and did not always fair well. The difference in hearing the full dbs effect was ear-opening to say the least.

 Agree DBS
 We are liven large.