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Hi I'm looking to purchase some reasonably priced ic for my first hi fi. System consists of

Any suggestions will be appreciated.  Also the recommended power for the speakers is from 40 to 150 watts the pm6006 outputs 45wpc is this enough to drive them or would I need to think about upgrading to a more powerful amp?
 Thank you

Dave, what do you consider reasonably priced? Each person has their own defination.
Hi lak given that my system cost under £2000 and I'm using the cables that came with the components would £30 cables offer any improvement. I think £60 per pair would be my upper limit.

Check out used Audioquest Sidewinder or Copperhead cables. Should find ones in your price range.

What speakers are you using? The power handling spec doesn't help much. Check out the impedance and sensitivity specs. Problem there is that manufacturers measurement of impedance is an average and sensitivity are not always accurate. A low impedance, particularly in the bass region creates the greatest demand on amplifier power.
Hi mensch thanks will check those out. My speakers are Monitor Audio Bronze 6s they are 8ohm the sensitivity is 90db
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Hi Elizabeth in that case i shall be keeping the 6006 I live in a flat so playing motorhead at the appropriate level is not a go unfortunately.
Thank you for your reply
Cheers Dave
Blue Jeans LC-1 - best value out there, low capacitance, sound great.
At that price point, it’s a “just pick one of ‘em” exercise....BUT.....keep an eye on the RCA connectors ..... that’s what counts.

far too many of them in the budget IC price point strata are just crap build with cheap-as-you-find inferior materials and made even worse by crap construction soldering ( especially without proper high-end solder) , with result that audio performance is degraded and the RCA connectors won’t grip well either.

the MOGAMI, CANARE, BELDEN AND BLUE JEANS cohorts (among others) will all chime in as to there faves.
Thanks for the response guys there are a fair few that's for sure. I've seen some used Van Den Hul D-102 mk lll hybrid in my price range does anybody have any experience with these?
What do you consider crap construction soldering? Just curious.
What do you consider crap construction soldering? Just curious.
I'd say nordost.
Sorry I missed the speakers you listed. I agree with Elizabeth that your Marantz amp should provide the needed power for the Bronze speakers unless your room is exceptionally large. 

I find that the Audioquest cables are well made. I buy them used. 
AQ would be my first choice.
Zu cables, especially the more current models, are quite good for the price. They offer them on Ebay, too.
I'd keep the amp for now, and get some decent cables. If you find you need more power, there are plenty of amps out there at reasonable prices used.
Once again thank you all for your input I will look at Audioquest as they seem to be well regarded.

This one is quite good for the discount price.

I had used his digital cables as IC to good effect.
With the components you have and your budget, Blue Jeans Cables should be a good fit.
About the connectors used in Blue Jeans LC-1, I have several pair and they grip well and are well made. They are also not soldered but are pressure crimped which is superior:

"The Connectors: Taversoe Crimp RCA Plugs

Connectors are a critical part of any audio cable, because if the cable isn’t well-joined to the connectors, or if the connectors don’t make firm electrical contact with the jacks, it doesn’t much matter how good the cable is. Our LC-1 cables are terminated with the Taversoe RCA plug, a high-quality RCA plug with an all-metal body and shell specifically designed for the perfect dimensions for use with LC-1. Its all-metal body, crimped tightly to the shield braid, completes the shielding assembly from cable end to cable end, to ensure that the cables do not become an entry point for noise. These plugs are gold-plated on all jack-contact surfaces, and employ a set of leaf-spring style grippers on the outer RCA ring which apply just the right amount of force to the jack to grip it firmly without overtightening."

Belden 8402 or 8412 cables on Ebay.  
AudioQuest Silver Extreme IC's. Available new from HCM for $90 a pair. I bought 5 pairs. SQ as fine as any of the expensive muti-kilo buck cables!