Looking for how to best structure classified listing for 3 Chiro separates for sale

Hello all.  First time user.  I just created the following listing yesterday:  https://www.audiogon.com/listings/solid-state-chiro-c-500-c-800-c-5-1-2017-01-22-preamplifiers-18080...

Is there a better way to structure this single classified listing for these three pieces since I'm looking to sell them as a set?  (I just arbitrarily selected the Preamp category)  Also, are there any other sites out there on which you would recommending posting this listing?

Thanks in advance!
Your listing looks good.  You can also try US Audio Mart...it's free to list and sell.  
That is a super deal for this equipment. I bought the same setup new and have used the C-800 as a 2-channel preamp using the "Bypass" mode and it was quite good, in fact very good. You might wish to include that in your ad if you have had the same experience.

The 5.1 decoder unit is a bit of a dinosaur. Its sound quality was always compromised by the connector cable between it and the C-800. It is limited to Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 decoding, so not able to decode Dolby TrueHD nor DTS HD. It also had operational glitches IME.

The Chiro amps were solidly built with big toroidal transformers and good power regulation, making for an excellent HT amplifier.

Chiro equipment was designed by Tony DeChiro of Kinergistic Research fame, known for producing excellent amplifiers and subwoofers in that era. 

Best of luck with the sale. Some lucky buyer will be getting a great deal.

Thanks for the feedback guys!  And thank you Dave for the suggestion to highlight the preamp's bypass mode and including your first-hand knowledge of these products.  Will definitely update my listing accordingly.

Your Ad looks great. Interesting back story. In the late 80's, in during Kinergistic's prime,  I owned one of their early CD players. The Phillips transport failed, very common at the time.  I lived within a few miles of their factory and took in for repairs. Kinergistic Research's primary business was deep water Diving Bells!  Tony DeChiro was the audio engineer and designer.  Truly a standup guy and very down to earth. I still have one of his Kinergistic branded Subwoofer systems.  Yes, it still works great after all these years. 
vegasears - Thanks for the feedback and back story.  Had no idea!