Looking for high quality connectors for internal hookup at loudspeaker

I am appealing to those DIY'ers that have knowledge of hardware that will allow a high quality termination of internal speaker wiring at the loudspeaker. I have searched in vain for months, and have found  nothing suitable for this application.

This is to redo the connections initially made on my custom Tannoy HPD 315 speakers. I am not satisfied with the job I did when I originally hooked them up. (I was not happy with the chintzy-looking Tannoy connector and thread-like wire). I had the same problem with my crossovers, just a very ugly job, which I have just completed a redo on, they look a proper job now (they being my first audio project build, awful-looking solder joints, just butt-ugly). My abilities in soldering have taken a quantum leap since that time, having good equipment makes a huge difference, too.

So, if anyone can offer assistance or advice on this issue, I would be very grateful.